Gun Soul Cross-Service Battlefield Match New Gameplay

Ensign fight

taipingyangyouxiwang· 2020-01-05 17:38:15

If there is a battlefield, there is victory. "Soul of the Gun" cross-service battlefield supports cross-server players to manually duel. The winner is the king and the loser is the pirate. He speaks with victory and defeat and treats all kinds of dissatisfaction!

Click the "Start Match" button, and the system will automatically match you with players with similar online strength.

After the match is successful, the opponent's character information (including the opponent's server) will be displayed on the right side of the interface. After the countdown, you will automatically enter the battle interface to enjoy the pleasure of duel with other players. .

Matching rules:

Cross-service matching will match according to the player's level and honor value. Players with similar levels and honor value will more easily match together.

Match for 30 seconds. If you haven't found an opponent yet, stop matching and require the player to click "Start Match" again.


The first 15 duels each day are called honor duels. Players can get honor regardless of victory or defeat, only the difference between more and less. No more than 15 duels.

In honor duels, you can get 100 honors for victory and 20 honors for failure.

In the first 5 times of Honor Duel, players will receive 100 extra honors regardless of victory or defeat.

Specific rewards: 1st to 5th duels each day, 200 honors for victory and 120 honors for failure. For the 6th to 15th duels, you can get 100 honors for victory and 20 honors for failure. After the 16th time, there was no reward regardless of the outcome.

You can click the small green plus sign to the right of the number of honor duels to purchase coupons.

The honor value that the player has and the honor value required for the rank upgrade will be displayed on the interface. "/" On the left is the honor value that the player has, and on the right is the honor value required for the rank upgrade.

Time is zero, and the number of honor duels will be automatically refreshed to 15 times.

Military rank:

Increasing the honor value can increase the player's rank. The rank is divided into 10 levels, from low to high: Ensign, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel , Major general, lieutenant general, general, marshal. Each rank has a corresponding logo.

Each level is divided into ten levels. For example, the second lieutenant is divided into the tenth lieutenant to the first lieutenant. Tenth is the lowest and first is the highest.

The winning streak record shows the player's current winning streak count. The winning streak record will be reset to zero only if the player fails a game.

Escape in battle will be considered a failure, but you will not get any rewards (even honor duels), and it will increase your escape times. Escape once and increase the number by one.

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