Obtaining and using the Cherry Blossom Knife in Alienation

Cherryblossom land

52PKyouxiwang· 2020-01-05 17:38:16

Here is an introduction to the acquisition and use of the cherry blossom knife in a place of alienation. How to use the cherry blossom knife in the game? How to get it? Let's take a look.

How to use the Sakura Knife in Alien Land

Obtaining methods

1. With gold, two double198 can collect the cherry blossom knives;

2. You can get it every day by doing tasks. 3 sakura knife fragments.

How to use it

Sakura Knife sends a nickname watermelon knife. The Sakura Knife ends at level A or ends with three special skills. After that, you can wear it randomly by holding down a skill Passing a monster on the map,

Sakura explosion will occur [the damage is also very objective] and a weapon in the technical flow, which requires frequent practice and copying.

The role that is suitable for using this weapon is 18 sisters. When in the last 20 floors of the endless, in the state of Sakura in the past, with these 2 skills to avoid,

After that you can Continue to store the state of this cherry blossom and use 2 skills to dodge. Don't be too handsome, OK.

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Obtaining and using the Cherry Blossom Knife in Alienation

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