The daughter of the killed General Suleimani asked the President of Iran face to face: Who will report my father's blood revenge?

Rouhani AssociatedPress

huanqiuwang· 2020-01-05 17:52:08

[Global Reporter Zhu Mengying] "Who will report my father's blood feuds?" The daughter of General Suleimani, a senior commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard who was killed in a US air raid, did so on the 4th when facing Iranian President Rouhani. Ask.

Rohani (right) and General Sulaimani Daughter (left) talking, source: Associated Press

Comprehensive CNN (CNN), the British "Daily Mail" news, Iran ’s President Rouhani visited on the 4th local time Suleimani's family. On the same day, Kassem issued the above questions to the visiting president. To this question, Rouhani replied: "Everyone will avenge (for you), we will avenge his blood, you do not have to worry."

(Rouhani visits Suleimani's family, source: Associated Press)

It is reported that Rouhani The day also said that Americans have not realized what serious mistakes they have made. And they will suffer the consequences of this crime not only today, but in the years to come.

"This crime committed by the United States will be one of their most memorable crimes against the Iranian nation." Rouhani added.

According to Reuters and Agence France-Presse on the 5th, Sulaimani's body was transported to Ahwas, a city in southwestern Iran on the 5th. Local TV news footage also showed thousands of sad Iranians wearing black clothes marching on the streets of Ahwaz. The report also said that his body will be transported to Tehran on the evening of the 5th and will eventually be returned to his hometown of Kerman on the 7th for a funeral.

In the early morning of the 3rd local time, U.S. forces launched a drone attack on Iraq's Baghdad International Airport, killing General Sulaymani, the commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards responsible for overseas operations, and Shiite militia groups in Iraq Muhandis, de facto leader of the People's Mobilization Organization. In a series of responses from Iran ’s leaders on the 3rd, the words of mourning for Suleimani ’s “martyrdom”, violent attacks on American “atrocities”, and vows of “severe revenge” were used throughout. Sulaymani, 62, is Iran's most popular military figure, and he is considered "one of the most powerful people in the Middle East" "a key figure in Iran's projection of regional power"; but in the eyes of the United States and its allies Here, he is the "enemy".

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