Englishmen blindfolded: Allies should surprise their enemies, not their own

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guanchazhewang· 2020-01-05 17:52:35

[Text / Observer Network Zhang Chenjing] The Trump administration "fought without a declaration" and suddenly launched air strikes to kill senior Iranian officers. All their own parliaments and allies were blindfolded.

This move upsets America's hardcore ally, Britain. British media "The Guardian" reported that the British Prime Minister Johnson, who was on a Caribbean island vacation, did not know the attack in advance. The tabloid "Mirror" even claimed that Johnson heard the swear word "F" after hearing it. Former Lower House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Thomas Tugendhat condemned the allegations that the so-called allies should "surprise the enemy, be caught off guard, and not let alone."

British Foreign Secretary Rabbi and US Secretary of State Pompeo" Screenshot of the Guardian report

BBC reports indicate that Britain has 400 soldiers fighting alongside the United States in the Middle East. However, US President Trump did not tell Johnson in advance about his order to "behead" Iran's "Holy City Brigade" commander Suleimani.

The tabloid "Mirror" reported that the British army had heard of the attack from American soldiers stationed in Baghdad, and had notified by phone that they were on vacation in Mustique, Caribbean Johnson. After learning the news, Johnson made a swear word on the spot, "F ***".

Johnson will end his vacation on the 5th. The British government said that once Johnson returned to his post, he would fully hear the return of the situation, including the possibility of Iran's retaliatory action against Britain.

BBC reporter Frank Gardner believes that no one in the UK knew of the air strike in advance. "My feeling is that this largely surprised the British government."

Labor leader Corbin has asked Johnson to confirm whether Britain has been informed of US air strikes in advance. In his letter to Johnson, he also mentioned whether the government would object to the air strike if Britain had been notified in advance.

At the same time, Tom Tugenhart, former chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Commons and a conservative member of the British Conservative Party, said that the United States now has a model of not sharing information with allies, which is a "order Worrying situation. "

Tuggenhart applauds, "I always think that having allies is to surprise the enemy, not to surprise everyone."

BBC report screenshot

But Following the air strike, the BBC reported that British Foreign Secretary Raab had spoken with US Secretary of State Pompeo on the 3rd.

Pompeo later tweeted, "Thank our allies for recognizing the threat of aggression posed by the Holy City Brigade." Raab also issued a statement saying that Britain acknowledged the threat posed by Suleimani, but "further conflict is not good for everyone" and urged all parties to ease tensions.

The Guardian reports that the British Ministry of Defence and the Foreign Office have begun reviewing measures to protect 400 British soldiers in Iraq, as well as local citizens and diplomats.

Iran will hold a three-day national mourning for Major General Suleimani. The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office warns British citizens not to hold any rally, procession, etc. in Iran.

Earlier, Corbin said it was an assassination operation, saying "The British government should urge Iran and the United States to exercise restraint and face the militant behavior and speech of the United States bravely. This and other regions All countries should seek to ease tensions to avoid aggravating conflict. "

Apart from Israel, the United States ’NATO allies in Europe, including Britain, France, and Germany, have called on the United States to exercise restraint.

After confirming the sacrifice of Major General Suleimani, Iran's supreme leader Khamenei has vowed to "severe revenge" against the United States.

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