Trump ’s gold medal “mouthpiece” was “muted” by Iran!

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shangguanxinwen· 2020-01-05 17:52:37

Tucker Carlson Carlson), can be said to be the most pro-American president in the United States, a media person-even some American media that hates Trump, will use the word "toxic" to describe the relationship between the two.

However, Carlson has "rebelled" in this operation against Iran.

CNN, which hates Trump, reported the matter in a lengthy manner, saying that on Friday Trump had just praised Carlson and other Fox News networks for their conservativeness The media people are "great", but now Carlson has blatantly contradicted Trump and other conservative colleagues in Iran.

The picture shows Carlson and Trump, Carlson It ’s Trump ’s favorite media person.

In his popular news commentary show "Tuck Carlson Tonight Show", Carlson supported Trump even though he did n’t name Trump. The American hawkish politicians who are operating against Iran have "fired up" and asked one after another: Is Iran really the greatest threat to the United States? Who is really profiting from it?

He further questioned: "Why don't we always see the decline of our country and still agree to let our country fall into another quagmire without obvious exports? By the way I would like to mention that if we are still in Afghanistan now, and after a sad 19 years there, why would we feel that we can quickly resolve Iran this time? "

Karl Sen lamented: However, those politicians who "topped their feet" facing Iran did not think of this problem, they just made the noise of war as always.

At present, his speech is also in the United States It has attracted attention on social networks. Many American netizens who hate him because of his support for Trump ’s remarks have tweeted and said: This guy is actually talking, I actually agree with him ...

One of the worst words for his speech was: "Even a broken watch, there are two punctual times a day."

However, despite Carlson's" human talk "on Iran, according to CNN, After his show ended, another popular host of Fox News, Sean Hannity, immediately turned the wind back, claiming in his own show the American military against Iran Action "Make the world a safer place."

Hannitty also continued to publish a lot of opinions on the show that have just been criticized by Carlson in the previous show.

Another Fox host is also an Iranian issue "Awkwardly blowing" Trump, saying that Trump ’s actions against Iran ensured "another victory" for the United States in the Middle East, and even said that Trump had set up another US president in dealing with Iran "Unattainable" high standards, and called Trump extremely intelligent, his judgement "no one can beat him" ...

CNN will Fox News these Trump Trump in Iran The touts on the issue are all characterized as "naked political propaganda."

As for some other American media that hates Trump, In the tone of CNN, he hyped Carlson on the Iranian issue with Trump and the Fox News Network to openly sing anti-contradictions, mocking Trump's "mouthpiece" internally messed up.

However, Geng Zhige reviewed past US media reports and found that Carlson did not suddenly "rebel" Tran on Iran. General. Although this extremely controversial but highly effective Trump "mouthpiece" in the US public opinion field will follow Trump on many issues, and even "wash the ground" for Trump, but in On the Iranian issue, Carlson has always been opposed to action against Iran.

For example, many US media reported in June this year that Carlson had advised Trump not to listen to the Iranian hawks around him. Do n’t Take military action against Iran. At that time, the U.S. news site "Daily Beast" revealed that although most of Fox News's conservative media people recognized the war against Iran, Carlson had been critical of U.S. military intervention in the Middle East and questioned many times. In the end, the US "war on Iran" is "good for the US".

It is worth mentioning that Carlson opposed the United States' use of Iranian force and feared that the United States would be dragged into another quagmire. In fact, some Chinese netizens have also obtained some "resonance" in China. However, in the eyes of these Chinese netizens, they prefer the United States to pit themselves so that the United States has no time to contain China.

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