Eyed at the plane wheel, the passenger calmly shot

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guanchazhewang· 2020-01-05 17:52:44

[Text / Observer Network Guo Han] A Canadian twin-engine regional jet was forced to return due to the lack of wheels during take-off, and it finally landed without any injuries. The entire process was photographed by a passenger on board with a mobile phone.

The two photographers are very calm and laugh at their encounter. Netizens praised their psychological qualities and captain's superb manipulation skills. But some people think that this is not a child's play, and the airlines are responsible. If the tire falls in the downtown area, it may cause more losses.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), an Air Canada Jazz flight AC8684 from Montreal to Quebec on January 3 was forced to return shortly after takeoff due to a tire falling off the landing gear.

This aircraft is a DHC 8-300 from Air Canada subsidiary Jazz. The company revealed that at the time, 49 passengers and 3 crew members were on board, and they landed successfully and no one was injured. This model generally has three landing gears and six tires, and the detached tires are located inside the left landing gear.

An Air Canada DHC 8-300 regional airliner Pictured from: Social media.

The spokesperson email said that the pilots are experienced and have full control of the aircraft. "They are trained to deal with this situation and deal with it according to standard procedures."

On social media, a passenger uploaded a live video of the incident. It showed that when the plane took off and took off, the bearing in the middle of the tire once sparked and fell off shortly after leaving the ground.

When the tires fall off during takeoff

Passengers in the cabin shout "It's gone, it's gone!" And netizens pay attention Until the two photographers' expressions were calm: they seemed to be helpless (intentionally or unintentionally) and smiled.

The flight chart on Flightradar24 shows that the passenger plane circled in the air for about an hour to drain oil. It then landed successfully with only one tire on the left landing gear, and the entire process was also captured in a video.

Netizens praised the passengers Someone said, "I just admire the expression of" well, it just happened "", and I don't forget to praise the captain's superb manipulation skills.

However, some people have pointed out that the whole thing should be taken seriously, this video can only be said to be helpful in post-investigation. Others believe that thanks to the pilot, the airline should be held accountable. If the tire falls in a downtown area, it may cause more damage.

< / p> Jazz did not disclose the cause of the accident, only mentioning that it would inspect and repair the aircraft. The passenger was taken to the destination by another aircraft.

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