Japan ’s Air Force wants to change a special sci-fi name

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guanchazhewang· 2020-01-05 17:52:49

(Text / Observer Net Guo Guanghao) Japan ’s largest circulation Yomiuri Shimbun published an exclusive headline on January 5 stating that the Japanese government is coordinating the rename of the “Air Self Defense Force” to “Aerospace Self Defense Force” ". The move aims to clarify that space is also part of the defense field and strengthen space defense capabilities. The name change will occur as soon as 2021.

" Yomiuri Shimbun "front page on January 5

It is reported that this will be the first name change since the establishment of the Land, Sea and Air Self-Defense Force in 1954. Air Force currently has a capacity of about 47,000 people, and will save about 3 adults to perform new tasks such as space.

Air Combat will newly create a "space combat team" (tentative name) of 20 people this year. It is expected to expand to 120 in 2023 and begin space surveillance missions. A satellite monitoring space targets will be launched around 2026.

On September 17, last year, Abe said at a meeting of senior self-defense cadres held in the Ministry of Defense: "It is not a dream to develop into an aerospace self-defense force."

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