A man in Liuzhou, Guangxi renovated his house into a cave, a netizen: What are the consequences of kicking upstairs?

Liuzhou decorationstyle

nanguojinbao· 2020-01-05 18:30:08

January 2 of Nanguo Jinbao. Recently, a decoration video of a household in Liuzhou, Guangxi, has been on fire recently. This effect is like a "karst cave"!

The citizens of Liuzhou built a "karst cave house". The owner of this house is Mr. Cai, a citizen of Liuzhou.

On the morning of January 2, the reporter came to his home. The first thing that caught the eye was the striking "karst" style elements. The effects of "stalactites", "stalagmites" and "stone pillars" were realistic.

The reporter found that spotlights were installed in the" stalactites "on the wall, and several spotlights were also installed on the floor tiles. The light from the spotlight directly hits the "stalactites", and the entire "karst cave" is also more artistic.

In addition to creating the artistic effect of" rock caves " It is also equipped with a mist generator. When the mist is turned on, the entire wall will present a "rock cave" effect surrounded by "fog".

The basic decoration of this house has been completed, except for the living room In addition to the use of "karst cave" style modeling, the rooms, kitchens and other places are all decorated in a conventional style.

Mr. Cai said, "Do it half and stay half, and then you will feel at home. If it is made into a cave, it will not have the taste of home."

I want to do as I like. Way to decorate

Cai said that before the reporter contacted him, he didn't even know that his decoration video had been posted online. He also said that he was engaged in landscape design work, and the decoration of this house was all designed by himself.

Why did you install your home in this style?

Mr. Cai said that he once renovated two suites, both of which are routinely renovated. After living in a long time, I feel a little tired. It happened that he was engaged in art work, so this time he wanted to renovate this way.

Some netizens are worried about the" stone stalactite " drop down?

Mr. Cai said that the decoration is firm and there are no hidden dangers. "These shapes are keeled, and the cement is coated on the basis of the keel. Finally, it is colored and shaped, and the shape of each column is completed by the worker's hands.

For this Houses in the cave-style decoration style have been discussed by netizens & darr; & darr;

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