Suspected of debts of nearly 3 million, women burned charcoal at home! Friends circle signature makes people tearful

Wife investment

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Huge extra debt

The afternoon of December 11, 2019

Deng Xia, who lives in Luohu, Shenzhen

Suicide by burning charcoal in his bathroom < / p>

Ending life at only 36 years old

Husband Zheng Jun (pseudonym) told reporters that when he arranged the relics, he found that Deng Xia (pseudonym) was carrying a huge debt of nearly 3 million yuan The monthly repayment amount was 100,000, and his wife was less than two days away. Numerous calls and text messages for debt collection also found him and his family. Zheng Jun believes that the high debt has forced his wife to death.

So these huge debts

Where did it come from?

Suspected investment failure owes huge extra debt

According to Zheng Jun, he first learned that his wife's financial situation was in September 2019. Deng Xia said that due to the stock investment loss of 300,000 yuan, Zheng Jun did not think much at that time, and raised a sum of money for his wife to help.

Two months later, on the evening of November 11, Zheng Jun accidentally received a call from Foshan. The caller was Deng Xia's girlfriend Xiao Xie (a pseudonym) who grew up together. She told Zheng Jun that Deng Xia left a suicide note because she had a huge debt.

In a hurry, Zheng Jun invited his father and younger brother to do the ideological work of his wife, and Deng Xia finally revealed her own experience. After introducing by her girlfriend Xiao Xie, she started investing in a futures platform together at the end of 2017. As a result, she failed to invest and lost 588,000 yuan.

The reporter also contacted Xiao Xie to verify the matter. She told the reporter ——

At the end of 2017, she saw someone sending a futures trend in an investment group. The picture says it is able to make money. Because she couldn't understand the chart, she thought of Deng Xia, a good friend who had experience in stock trading, and pulled her into the group. The two then invested together on a futures platform.

"" We all lost a lot. I didn't play this futures in early 2018, and I advised Deng Xia not to invest any more. But I don't know when she left, nor how much money she invested and lost. "Xie Xie told reporters.

Zheng Jun said that this futures app is practically unavailable, and the original investment consultant could not be reached. Zheng Jun suspected his wife had been involved in investment fraud and had taken it with him. Wife sent out the transcript.

At the same time, in order to pull his wife back from the brink of collapse, Zheng Jun borrowed money and raised hundreds of thousands of yuan to help Deng Xia repay.

High debts

Repayment of more than 100,000 yuan per month

After Deng Xia passed away, Zheng Jun organized the relics at home and found After reading a lot of loan documents and credit reports, I found out that my wife had concealed him from his debts.

Zheng Jun provided a personal credit report that Deng Xia printed in November. The report shows Deng Xia has loaned more than 2 million in many banks. A bookkeeping document on the computer shows that Deng Xia has borrowed money in more than 20 financial platforms, and the monthly repayment amount has actually reached more than 100,000 yuan. / p>

Deng Xia's borrowing situation on various financial platforms

Zheng Jun guesses-

In order to deal with the loss of investment futures in 2017, his wife initially borrowed from banks and other formal channels, and also borrowed through relatives and friends. < / p>

Later, as repayment pressure increased, Deng Xia had to cash out repayments through gray means such as small loan platforms, credit card cash, and so on. After unlocking his wife's cell phone, Zheng Jun was surprised to find out that the For a few months, Deng Xia also tried to make money through the online gambling platform to repay.

In Deng Xia's mobile phone, Zheng Jun found a car loan that his wife had recently operated. Chat records showed that the salesman claimed You can make a loan of 200,000 yuan, but after deducting the handling fee, only 90,000 yuan will be paid, and the interest will be 5%.

"" In other words, if you borrow 90,000 yuan to repay for 5 years, you will have more than 20 principal and interest. Wan, these online loans are terrible. "Zheng Jun said.

Charcoal burning at home

Death from carbon monoxide poisoning

According to Zheng Jun, December 11 As usual, the couple went out to work. At about 3 pm, Zheng Jun went home a little earlier, and when he opened the door, he found that the door was not locked. He was a little disturbed. When he pushed the door in, he saw the smoke in the house. Zheng Jun rushed into the room to search, and finally found Deng Xia, who was leaning against the door and falling to the ground in the bathroom.

The medical staff arrived later, but were powerless and Deng Xia died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Luohu police have investigated and ruled out the possibility of criminal cases.

Signed in the circle of friends

"Stay wise rationally"

Deng Xia ’s death is very Suddenly, relatives and friends were unaware of it in advance. Deng Xia is the only daughter in her family and her parents have always lived in her hometown. The two old men suffered a terrible news. Deng Xia's father couldn't come deep due to inconvenience of legs, eyes and eyes, and the mother only handled the funeral.

A colleague with a good relationship with Deng Xia during his lifetime told reporters that Deng Xia was bold and capable in her daily work. Although she occasionally borrowed several times due to "credit card overage", she would pay back in time. There was no difference in her speech and behavior, and she never thought that she would do such a thing.

Zheng Jun couldn't let go of his wife's death for a long time. He thought that after the incident on the night of November 11th, his wife had passed away. What Zheng Jun didn't know was that the day before, Deng Xia had already ordered two boxes of barbecue carbon in the online store. After the incident, he found a screenshot of this order from Deng Xia's mobile phone. In the WeChat circle of friends, Deng Xia, who signed "sensely to the end," finally made the most "stupid" choice in the eyes of Zheng Jun.

"" We originally planned to have a baby in 2020, and then buy a house to settle in Shenzhen as needed. Now there is nothing. "Zheng Jun said.

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