Is white hair "pull one long and ten long" true or false? I have been wondering for years


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Expert of this article: Zhou Xiaobo, MD of Shanghai Jiaotong University

I have often heard people say from childhood

White hair cannot be pulled

" Ten roots "


This widely-known saying

In the end, is there any scientific basis?


The answer will be announced for everyone

Do you really "pull a white hair and grow ten?"

The answer is: No.

This statement has no scientific basis.

In fact, each hair has its own hair follicle, and the melanin in each hair follicle will act on the hair produced by this hair follicle. Even if you pull out this white hair, the hair follicle is still there. It may still grow white hair.

Why do people grow white hair?

The main factors are as follows:

1. Genetic factors

There may be many "less white-headed" classmates around us, they often have families History, but in addition to increasing gray hair, it will not affect physical health.

2. Disease factors

Endocrine disorders such as hypopituitarism and hyperthyroidism, autonomic dysfunction, psychological diseases, head skin and other diseases may damage or interfere with hair follicles The growth and development of the melanocytes at the site make it lose the ability to secrete melanin and form white hair.

3. Nutritional deficiency

The lack of trace elements such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, iron and copper is also an important cause of gray hair.

4. Work or life is stressful.

The saying goes, "Smiles are less than ten years old, and you are sad when you are sad." Modern people have a lot of work and life stress, are prone to mental stress, emotional depression, long-term sleep deprivation, and excessive anxiety. They can cause overuse of the brain, neurasthenia, low immunity, and digestive system disorders. It may also cause early white hair.

5. Normal aging

When a person is getting older, the skill level of the body begins to decline, and the hair follicle organs and tissues start to be unable to meet the demand for the production of melanin particles. Reduced, white hair starts to appear one by one, this is normal white hair.

In addition, there are some diseases, such as hyperthyroidism, if palpitations, sweating, weight loss, white hair increase, it is recommended to go to the hospital to check.

How to prevent long white hair?

1. Actively treat related diseases that cause hair to turn gray.

2. Strengthen nutrition.

Supply vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, iron and copper, which can help melanin growth and hair health. Eat less spicy, greasy, fried foods and avoid excessive sugar, oil, salt, etc.

3. Work and rest rules, emotional stability.

To maintain an optimistic attitude towards life, maintain a happy mood, and try to work as regular as possible, do not stay up late.

How to effectively relieve and treat gray hair?

So far, there is no exact method for treating white hair, and there are no special drugs specifically for treating white hair.

It is more important to prevent and actively treat the primary disease that causes gray hair. If you really feel that gray hair affects beauty, you can dye or wear wigs appropriately. However, hair dyeing and perming can cause damage to the hair. It is recommended that the interval be at least six months.

After speaking the white hair, let's talk about another issue that makes the public anxiety and panic-hair loss. Why do many people lose their hair so easily? How to prevent it? Then look at & hellip;

Why do many people lose their hair easily?

Under normal circumstances, as long as no more than 100 hairs are lost per day, it is normal. However, if there are more than 100 hair loss per day, and it lasts more than two months, it can be said to be hair loss.

There are many reasons for hair loss. The most common type of seborrheic hair loss is also called androgenetic hair loss. Androgen can inhibit hair growth in the scalp, which is the main cause of hair loss.

In addition, there are postpartum hair loss, pathological hair loss (due to chemotherapy, syphilis, AIDS), hair loss caused by excessive mental stress, endocrine dysfunction, and immune disease (such as thyroid disorders). 2. Long-term exposure to toxic substances such as those engaged in the chemical and heavy metal industries and those who frequently dye and perm will be more prone to hair loss.

What about hair loss?

If you have hair loss, do n’t rush to the doctor, follow the advertisement, and listen to what the internet says is a special medicine for hair loss.

First go to the doctor to determine the cause of your hair loss, and then treat it as soon as possible.

If it is seborrheic hair loss, although it is difficult to treat, it can at least alleviate or prevent future hair loss. This kind of hair loss requires antiandrogen treatment, which can not only stop the hair loss, but also regenerate hair in some parts of the hair follicle that have not been completely damaged.

If it is due to certain primary immune diseases and endocrine diseases, they should be actively treated.

If you come in contact with harmful substances, you should avoid further contact as soon as possible, and reduce or no longer perm your hair.

For those who have severe hair loss and the treatment effect is not obvious, hair follicle transplantation can be taken. You can also use a wig to change your image after hair loss.

In short

Whether it's gray hair or hair loss

Don't listen to it

Fast-acting secrets on rumors or superstitious small ads p>

Most cases are a natural physiological phenomenon

No need to be nervous

If the situation is serious, you must seek medical treatment in time

Select a scientific method for treatment p>

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