Men's two accounts have different prices for buying the same fruit


ITzhijia· 2020-01-05 19:16:15

IT House News on January 5 We know that "big data kills cooked" refers to the same goods or services. The price seen by old customers is much more expensive than that of new customers. "Big data kills cooked "He was also selected as one of the top ten buzzwords for the 2018 social life category. According to the 1818 Golden Eye report, when the man Xiaochen recently purchased fruit in the US group, he found that he used two accounts to buy the same fruit and sent it to the same location, but the price of the purchase order was actually different, and he suspected that he would encounter big data to kill it.

It is reported that Xiao Chen bought the same copy in the Meituan App During the promotional fruit platter, it was found that the price displayed when buying with two different accounts is different. One discount only costs 13 yuan 6 and the other costs 37.8 yuan. The actual payment of the two differs by 24 yuan2.

Xiao Chen suspects that he encounters big data killing, because it shows that the account that pays more has placed more orders. In response, the customer service commissioner of Meituan said: "There will be no big data killing." , Because we also need here, to ensure the consumption experience of old users, so we all have a stipulated price, whether it is new users or old users, the price is uniform. "

After that, Meituan Takeaway PR department Ms. Jiang also gave the reason why the price is different: "After verification, the user failed to enjoy the preferential account, at 13:21 on the day, has already consumed explosive products in other stores on the platform, so the same Activities, you ca n’t enjoy it again, and the page also prompts when you place an order again. "

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