Brother Bing's "driving test" screen exposed! Netizens: I dare not say that I can drive


renminribao· 2020-01-05 19:16:18

A shot of what you think is passionate racing

Can only be seen in TV shows

No, in real life

us Brother Bing can also

If you have seen Bing Ge Bing Sister ’s magic car skills

Maybe I dare not say that I will drive again

Urgent U-turn while driving, "S" -shaped reverse puncture

Go forward / Reversing through the double-track bridge


It's time to show the real technology


" After reading this set of pictures,

I dare not say that I will drive! "

< / p>


On car skills, I only serve the elder brother

Seeing the elder brother ’s "driving test"

You will suspect that you have a fake driving license

and this operation

Too stable old iron < / p>

Fast backing can also perfectly stop the vehicle from the side.

It's not bad at all

Bing brother technology is so good

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Speaking of vehicle driving

The "autumn mountain bike god" in the military camp

But countless

Transport trucks, off-road vehicles, military tricycles

.... ..

For the soldier who is "full of skills"

It's easy to operate

A speed can be staged anytime, anywhere And passion "

Who says trucks ca n’t play over the horizon

Big assault vehicle

It was opened as" Running Kart ”

Road distressed beach deep water

Bing elder brother gives you the feel of a trampoline

At this time, do you want to sing a song:

"This is the feeling of flying! "


For the soldier who is" full of skills "

Driving is just a normal operation

"Show", only more "show"

They will also open tanks


/ p>

Riding motorcycle


Not only can you play, you can also "play" the car To the fullest

Military talents pop up

Big brother ’s "smart car skills" are still being played.

Same In order to achieve "one person and car"

Steel pin displacement

Bing brother driving a 0.5 ton forklift

In 78 seconds, the steel needle with a diameter of 1mm

Pierce through 4 pinholes with a diameter of 1.5mm on the swing table

Put it up into the slot on the right swing table

Shoot the shell to pick up coins

Big brother drives a 1.5-ton forklift

First, smash 4 shells with a height of about 25cm

Cartridge with a caliber of about 3.5cm >

Using the reaction force of the fork knife to rub the coin

Shoot the coin on the ground

Then shake the fork knife

Bouncing the coin to the fork knife Edge

and throw it into the shell

Pouring red wine

Operator driving a 1-ton forklift p>

First stack 6 glass wine glasses into three layers

Then use the steel pin on a fork knife

Pin through the pinhole on the wine stopper

Remove the cork

Finally use the steel pin

Release the thin wire hanging on the iron frame

Control the joystick to pour the red wine into the wine at a uniform speed Inside the cup


How does the "all-around driver" soldier elder brother develop?

All say an excellent sharpshooter

He was "fed" with bullets

A qualified "all-around military vehicle driver" ”

But it ’s run through tens of thousands of strange roads

Recurring training runs

It is on different terrain and road conditions

Battering Honed

Behind these extraordinary car skills

Can't live without them day after day

Aiming at practical training


Success or failure

One second faster and one minute better on the training field

The victory on the battlefield will increase by one point

Get in the car to drive, get out of the car to fight

This is the Chinese soldier < p> Like "Barracks God"!

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