This is a dangerous signal, marking a new era of war!

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This is a red flag.

During many parts of China, the gorgeous patterns and aerial texts of drones are still amazing; in the Middle East, drones are increasingly launching deadly Military attack.

In a sense, this marks the beginning of a new era of war, because the way of war has undergone subversive changes. But the immense dangers involved in it are us, especially humans in the future.

The latest case is the US beheading of Iranian star Suleimani.

In the early morning of January 3, at the Baghdad International Airport, a U.S. drone locked two target cars and immediately launched a "Hellfire" missile to destroy it. Eight people were cleared at will, two of them were heavyweights, one was the deputy commander of the People ’s Mobilization Organization “People ’s Mobilization Group” of Iraq ’s Shi’ite militia in person at the airport, and the other was the Guest Sulaimani. Major-General-Supreme Commander of the Holy Army Brigade, the elite unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

This is not the first time that the United States has targeted a site cleanup.

The United States purges "Al Qaeda" spiritual leader bin Laden in 2011, kills "Islamic State" leader Baghdadi in 2018, and the United States has dispatched special forces of various sizes, sharing multiple gunships , Burst into the room and launched an attack.

I was working in Jerusalem at the time when the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was most intense. Israel frequently launches targeted cleanups, such as the removal of Hamas spiritual leader Yassin and his successor Ranthi. Israel has used fighter planes to launch missiles to directly destroy targets.

But although this Baghdad attack was also a missile, the United States did not dispatch ground forces or even pilots, but a drone.

On September 14, last year, there was another incident of far-reaching drone attacks in the Middle East. According to media descriptions, Hussein armed forces launched at least 10 drones to launch attacks on Saudi Arabia's "world's largest oil processing facility" and a mega-oil field.

In the end, half of Saudi Arabia ’s oil production capacity has been suspended and international oil prices have soared. Despite Saudi claims, it was not Hussein that actually launched the attack, but Iran.

It is worth mentioning that "Al Qaeda" tried to attack the facility with a human bomb in 2006, but was disintegrated by security forces. Human fledgling mission failed, the drone eventually succeeded.

Drones have played an increasingly important role in attacks launched in the United States in recent years. The benefits are obvious:

1, ensuring zero casualties. The war must be dead. The dispatch of ground troops means high risks and high casualties; even fighters, do n’t forget that even advanced American fighters have a history of being shot down in Yugoslavia and other places. Into the enemy, the result will be very passive.

2. Zero casualties means reduced war costs. After all, for the United States, life is priceless, and it is not just reflected in morality. A soldier is wounded, and subsequent care and subsidies are astronomical. Reducing the number of soldiers on the battlefield is also a major savings in military expenses.

3, launch attacks more freely . As long as people are on the battlefield, there will inevitably be psychological fluctuations. Intense psychological fluctuations will not only affect combat effectiveness, but will also cause the situation on the battlefield to reverse. Drones are different. The operator is far away from the battlefield and can easily and rationally launch attacks.

It is precisely to see the great advantages of drones. The United States has begun to build unmanned submarines. Even if I don't think it will take long, robots will also appear in large-scale war.

The previous wars were all human wars. In wars, people often kill thousands of miles, and millions of corpses are buried. However, in future wars, there may be no people on the battlefield.

On the surface, the thief captures the king first, reducing casualties, but the negative effects are also obvious.

Drone operators are far away from the battlefield. They are just like gamers. They can perform "clear" tasks during the day and drive home from work in the evening to enjoy family life. It is no different from normal white-collar workers.

They do n’t have to face the blood, they naturally lack enough awe to death. A missile, for him or her, may just hold a button. He can drink coffee and launch the missile, and decide Dozens of people, even hundreds or thousands of people.

The movie "Eye of the Sky" is like us showing the brutality of drone removal. In fact, in today's Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan, drone attacks have indeed greatly reduced American casualties, but indiscriminate attacks have caused a large number of innocent civilians on the ground.

For the strong, it may indeed not be necessary to send large-scale ground troops, and it also changes the war mode of millions of corpses and blood; but For the attacked side, It means more unpredictable attacks, colder blood and brutal killings.

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The way war has changed means that the battlefield has also expanded.

In August 2018, two drones carrying C4 explosives passed by soldiers in a row and attacked Venezuelan President Maduro.

At the time, the New York Times described it like this: : "This seemed to be an assassination for Hollywood: No one flying at low altitude Aircraft, mid-air bombings, the president and the first lady dodging for cover, thousands of lined up soldiers fleeing, all of which were transmitted to the whole country by live broadcast. "

This is also the first time in human history to use a drone to assassinate a head of state.

Maduro is so fatal that he escapes by accident.

But frankly, this is because the attackers were a grass-roots team. If it was the US military, could Maduro survive?

It doesn't even need the US military to take action, some Western companies can achieve this effect.

In November 2017, the drone company StratoEnergytics released the Stinger, a miniature drone weapon. According to related introductions, this new weapon is smaller than the palm of an adult. It comes with a small bomb. Its camera can automatically recognize faces. Once it is confirmed that the other party is the target, it can quickly "headshot".

also That is, As long as the target is entered into the attack program, this intelligent miniature weapon, like a flying bullet, can automatically find and find the target. And a 360 degree attack.

Because of its small size, it is invincible; for close-range attacks, the energy is enough to penetrate the skull to ensure high precision to kill the target.

Drone + artificial intelligence, The terrible consequences are beyond the imagination of many people.

With the advancement of artificial intelligence technology, drones such as Stinger will be able to learn automatically and continuously improve their attack tactics and capabilities.

StratoEnergytics claims with confidence: In the future, humans will no longer need to prepare brave patriots for coffins. Now artificial intelligence is competent for all their work. Our autonomous weapons are small, fast and accurate. ,unstoppable.


War has entered a whole new era.

Before Jing Jing stabbed King Qin, he had to fight close-handed, using a short sword; later, the Serbs assassinated Grand Duke Ferdinand with a pistol, not too far away; later Assassination may really be killing an invisible AI drone.

This is not just a battlefield weapon. It is not just a threat to political figures. If technology is spread or even falls into the hands of terrorists, you can imagine the disaster. The fighting in the mall, the vendetta in the love scene, and the terrorist activities are solved by drones, which are terrible to think about.

This is still for individuals. If it is true for larger targets, the cluster drones are used for saturation attacks.

Mankind hundreds of years ago, it is difficult to imagine that the war that was determined by the sword, spear, and bow would be completely changed by pistols and bombs; it may be difficult for us to imagine such a clustered Drones, unmanned ships, and robots will completely change the shape of war.

In the words of some experts, this is really "the third revolution in the field of war."

The way of war has changed, so has the power comparison.

For the United States, having a state-of-the-art drone makes it easy to launch a long-range attack. Therefore, the United States frequently dispatched drones to conduct targeted cleanups, including the recent non-stop action to clear Iranian general Suleimani.

This brings another ethical issue on the battlefield.

After all, Sulaimani is not bin Laden, not Baghdadi, he is not a recognized leader of terrorist organizations, he is the leader of a national army. If, by force, a country can blatantly destroy the leader of the other side, what else would the United Nations and the international court do. Is this kind of fixed-point elimination a different state of terrorism?

If Iran also launched a targeted cleanup of Americans on the grounds that a general in the United States supported terror, how would this be different from a war?

Also, after all, it is an asymmetric war. The strong have the advantages of the strong, but the low cost of small drones will also make the weaker rivals more powerful than ever.

Just like the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Yemen ’s Houthi, from the perspective of economic and military strength, Saudi Arabia undoubtedly occupies an overwhelming advantage, but after years of war, Houthi ’s armed forces seem to be fighting more and more , And frequently use drones to attack Saudi targets, and it is a cluster attack, Saudi Arabia is also invincible.

We are still in awe The beginning of a new form of war.

Although it is "unmanned", most of the time it still needs human operation; but inevitably, as artificial intelligence becomes more and more advanced, human Response speed and error probability, more operations are automatically completed by drones, unmanned ships and even robots.

This may bring a more terrible situation: Once the war machine of human life and death is mastered, and suddenly it is intelligent to "rebellion" collectively, where does humanity go from here?

This is not just a Hollywood movie plot.

In the past, we said that the killer was not a weapon, but a person; But in the future, a killer may be a weapon, not necessarily a person.

Humans have invented unmanned weapons, and unmanned weapons have turned into cheap killing machines. The evolution of killing weapons will bring a colder blood battlefield. The future humanity may be facing a more terrible future.

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