Police illegal relocation of 9 million 50 thousand residents to cheat and 4 Suites index

Sinus demolition fraud real estate compensation

beijingchenbao· 2016-05-21 11:35:26

< p >, the original title: police illegal migration households cheat demolition < p < p > sinus a from the hands of the villagers bought a non homestead property using the identity of the community police, will not meet the relocation households standards, wife, friends and others forced to move in the household. In the process of demolition, a sinus lied that real estate is the homestead, members of the village collective economic organizations of the indoor personnel department cheat compensation 905 million yuan and 4 sets of resettlement housing indicators. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday, the city in the middle of the court to fraud, the end of the trial of a sinus imprisonment for 13 years. < p < p > illegal migration households impersonator grants < p < p > a trial court found that the defendant sinus a in 1990 into the post of Chaoyang District Public Security Bureau, a police station, which served as the community police. In 2001, sinus with his wife Lee a name with a colleague Liu a common from villagers Mao, Zhang, Geng et al. To buy non homestead property a, for the rental business. After Liu will be their own and relatives and other accounts moved to the property in the area. In 2008, Lee's account also moved to the room, indoor personnel are not part of the village collective economic organizations.

sinus said in a statement, a lot of people get before the demolition, resettlement housing index, to the village to move accounts. His colleagues, Peng, who find him, said to go to the sinus before buying the house to move accounts, then agreed to a sinus. According to relevant regulations, except for normal birth, marry, marry and other circumstances, the suspension shall move into account procedures.

in July 2009, the demolition work was officially launched. A sinus for further more compensation, making him engaged in production and business premises in the village, suspend production subsidies impersonator. < p > a trial was jailed for appeal was rejected, < p > the investigation, sinus by means of the above total deceived compensation 905 million yuan and 4 sets of movements of the housing index, after a sinus to 184 million yuan to buy 4 sets of movements of the housing. In March 2014, a sinus accompanied by appearing in the Commission for Discipline inspection.

court of first instance that the acts constitute a crime of fraud, and the amount is particularly huge, should be punished according to law. The court sentenced a sinus was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment and deprived of political rights for two years, while returning the government to recover the proceeds of crime. After the judgment of the first instance, the sinus on its subjective does not have the intention of fraud on the grounds of fraud.

City, the Third Hospital of second instance, the court of first instance convicted and applicable laws and accurate, appropriate sentencing, the trial procedure is legal, should be maintained. Reject a sinus appeal and upheld the original verdict.

Beijing morning news reporter Huang Xiaoyu

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