What to do if the state of men's football is not good? Zhu Ting is here to help

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"The best advantage of a collective project is to help each other, complement each other, and make up for each other. & hellip; & hellip; You are not good now, but it does not mean that the teammates around you are not good. If you have teammates' help, the strength is particularly special Big. "

What if I do n’t play football well? The female line leader Zhu Ting has come to give you a trick.

Zhu Ting participated in the evening of January 4 The recorded interview program "Let's Talk" was broadcast on CCTV. She reviewed the story behind the women's volleyball World Cup last year and her own experience in entering the national team. She also received questions from many youth representatives.

For a long time, Zhu Ting was often called "genius" by those around her. However, Zhu Ting said in a low-key manner that when she first arrived in the national team, she was dumbfounded because:

"I can't do anything, I can't do anything but smash the ball & hellip; & hellip;"

She thinks she is not a" genius ", she is a" talent ". "The reason for positioning talent is better than genius. Because once you are sure that he is a genius, you do not see the effort behind him. In fact, you are the same coach, the same athlete, why are you in a class or a team? Only a few of them are outstanding? "

" I think the so-called genius, he has a certain degree of sensitivity, a certain amount of observation, it is a comprehensive manifestation. "

Master Rubik's Cube Lin Kaijun asked her if she would encounter a century-old genius on the playing field.

Zhu Ting replied that instead of his mental breakdown, respect should be more appropriate. "If there are really good players coming out, I think there are good things on my body, and I am worth learning. Because playing volleyball is to learn from others' good places."

If you set the scene In the Chinese national team, Zhu Ting believes that there is no "genius once in a millennium", "all of them are powerful main attackers." And she is more comprehensive and smart, "I think I am learning as much as possible. If she If she can really break me, or if she can break all records, I think it should be a blessing for the Chinese people and volleyball. "

What if this genius is a foreign player?

Zhu Ting perfectly explained the spirit of the women's volleyball team: "Then we will concentrate all the strength of the national team to hit her, nothing else."

She also said that if there is another chance to choose, she will choose this kind of hard and happy Life status, because I like challenges, want to overcome difficulties, and become a real strong. "I feel challenged, you will have more motivation to do it. I want to go higher now."

Mu Chenxiang, a member of the Chinese men's football U20 National Youth Team Zhu Ting ask, how should I adjust during the trough or bad condition?

Zhu Ting gave a sincere answer. She believes that athletes will have troughs and climaxes, but what comes with it is to straighten out their mood. "When the state is not good, you can't compare it with the bad. At the current stage, my state is not good, then you try your best to play the best level at the current stage."

And The most effective way for group projects is to help teammates. "For example, I did n’t make a good pass today. I said that Zhang Changning could help me pick one up. I would attack, and she would say OK. Then she said that when her offense was not good, she asked me to help her (offensive). I said OK. In fact, it is a mutual sharing. The best advantage of a collective project is to help each other, complement each other, and make up for each other. "

" You are not good now, but it does not mean that the teammates around you are not good. If With the help of teammates, the power is particularly great. This way, your pressure will be less. When there is a good ball for you, you are bold to do it; when there is a bad ball for you, you should reduce the loss directly on yourself Minutes. "

Zhu Ting in the program has some questions Must answer. Some viewers are curious. If she has to choose objects from the Chinese men's volleyball team, men's football team and men's basketball team, who is she more inclined to choose?

"I'm young and haven't considered such a thing & hellip; & hellip; Men's Volleyball."

Zhu Ting also talked about the 2019 volleyball team.

For her, the most important thing of the year is the World Cup. After winning the championship, she did not expect to be interviewed when she returned to Beijing, and was interviewed by Xi Jinping. They also had a brief conversation.

It turned out that some time ago, Xi Jinping went to Henan to inspect work, and then he talked to everyone about Zhu Ting. "He said that you are very popular in Henan, the people in your hometown know you, and that my ball skills have improved now, and the smashing posture is very similar to that of Lang Lang. I felt very happy because I was the most respected person. It ’s an affirmation for me, and it ’s also a very high incentive for me. ”

What impressed her most about participating in the National Day parade was that she just shouted to the soldiers at the opening,“ The Chinese women ’s volleyball team One "," You are the most handsome "; the other is a photo with Enshi Lang Ping while waiting for the float.

" In fact, we don't often compare this gesture. At that time we I did n’t wear a gold medal. Later, we went back to the car and took the gold medal. Then I took it on my chest and took a picture. It was the best picture I think. Red clothes in China, plus a red float, are typical. The color of China is just like the national flag. Really. "

I am very happy to win, but the road before winning is full of hardships. "Raising the national anthem is the ultimate goal of each game. The 11-game winning streak of the World Cup is actually not easy for the Chinese women's volleyball team. From 2015 to the 2019 World Cup, what does 11-game winning streak mean? In fact, it means more It ’s hard to give, it ’s hard for ordinary people to give. ”

Zhu Ting remembers that the team trains more than 8 hours a day, and there is business learning in the evening. You have to study your opponents and analyze yourself, and how to play in this situation. No one reminded me at all when I was training.

"The stadium in Japan is not very high. Every time we go to fight, many places are broken because it is not like the kind of plastic on the playing field. It is a wooden floor. Say, we are very tall, slim and pretty, but it ’s easy to sting. ”

Although the training ground is limited and there are obstacles such as stools, every time they save, they are desperate.

Don't believe it? Look at the old and new scars on her.

" Every game is, every day of training It ’s all like this, so sometimes persistence is the most important thing. The most important part of the spirit of the women ’s volleyball team is to start from little by little, from day to day. Persistence from generation to generation, from the old women's volleyball team to five consecutive championships, to the present. "

" The spirit of the women's volleyball team has changed a lot now, but its essence is unchanged. Because now with the The young athlete joins, I think she has more dynamism and more freshness, making this collective more open and more interesting. But it has always been hard work, unity, never give up, Never lose! Even if you do n’t have the certainty to win, you must let go! ”

After hearing Zhu Ting ’s sincere suggestions and tenacious spirit, netizens ca n’t help but Blowing rainbow farts:

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