Some players refused to call the national team. Li Tie: Can't accept it!

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hupuzuqiu· 2020-01-05 19:42:17

Tiger January 5th According to the People's Daily, China Men's new coach Li Tie was interviewed for the first time after taking office. He talked about his coaching goals and philosophy, and revealed plans for the next winter training of the national football team.

Before Li Tie decided to accept the challenge, many friends around him advised him not to make such an attempt, because coaching the national team was "a big pit." Li Tie said: "These people don't really understand me. Now Chinese football has encountered great difficulties. For me, as long as I have the opportunity to work for the country, whether it is the head coach or other work, I will definitely decide without hesitation and go all out. Going for this opportunity does not require much consideration at all. "

Li Tie hopes that in a short period of time, he can build a national team that can compete well and have a good work style." The team must be united, must be disciplined, and be able to do their best on the court. " He admits that the criteria for selecting and hiring are very simple, that is, all players selected for the national team must have a strong sense of national honor. "It is the first principle to be willing to give everything to the country. If there is selfishness, I am sorry, this team There must be no place for you. "

Before the East Asian Cup at the end of 2019, Li Tie called each player he wanted to win, but the process was not smooth. Some players said for various reasons Unable to accept the call. "I can understand, but I can't accept it!" Li Tie said, "A player asked me what to do if the national interest and the club interest conflict. I told them that they must choose the national interest. Only in this way can they go further and serve the country. Effectiveness should not hesitate. "

In Li Tie's view, a major problem for Chinese players is their inability to show their level in the national team games, which is the same as they used to be. The type of training received is also related to insufficient stress resistance. "The pressure on the national team is very high, which is why some players perform well in the league but cannot play the national team. I must find players who are willing to play for the national team and can also withstand the pressure of the national team. This is not easy. "Li Tie said.

On January 5th, the 27 international players selected by Li Tie will complete their assembly in Guangzhou before 5pm. According to the training schedule, the team had a training session that night. After the players have completed the physical examination on the morning of the 6th, they will continue training in the afternoon and start full-day training on the 7th. Li Tie said: "These players may soon experience the most tiring preparation period in their lives. During the training period, there will be many times a day and three exercises. The physical fitness reserve during the preparation period is very important. We also need to spend more time on our The tactical play tells them that in addition, players need to improve their ability to overcome difficulties. "Li Tie revealed that during the training period, the national football plan to play at least two warm-up games.

"I have confidence to show their best form. I do n’t need the team to play at a super level in every game. As long as they play their level normally, this requires us to give players more confidence .I do n’t like to think about the future results. I hope to make each day a good day and do a good job every day. In fact, summing up into four words is 'do your best', this sentence is easy to say, but when you encounter In difficult times, the pressure of the fans, the pressure of the referees, the pressure of the opponents & hellip; & hellip; Under various pressures, you still have to work hard to use that last power. I hope players can go all out to win all the matches as much as possible . Only after entering the top 12 can we have longer-term plans. "Li Tie said.

In every team that he has brought, Li Tie will say something. This time in the national team, he is also going to share it with the international team after a slight modification: "I hope players can cherish China Everything football brings to you, cherish the opportunity to play for the national team, and to play every national team game as the most important and last game of your life. "

[Source: Sina Weibo]

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