The immortal family members are destroyed! Pippen departed, and all property was swallowed?

Pippen elsa

xinlangtiyu· 2020-01-05 19:42:22

The former gods and relatives

Beijing time 1 On May 5, according to US media reports, Larsa Pippen and NBA superstar Scottie Pippen are about to reach a divorce agreement. Earlier, Larsa had submitted the divorce agreement to the court. In the divorce copy, Larsa wanted to swallow all of Pippen's property and have information on his personal property.

Pippen married his wife Larsa in 1997 and they have four children. After the marriage, the two were very loving, and Pippen often took his wife to the NBA to watch the ball. The happy marriage of the two made Michael Jordan envious. After all, Pippenjoy's wife, Larsa, is very beautiful. Even now she is 45 years old, she is still very beautiful.

However, as early as 2016, Lal Sa was exposed as a black male star, this time made Pippen very angry and wanted to divorce. Under the salvation of Larsa, the two reconciled in early 2019. There have been reports that the two quarreled until they caused a sensation in the police late at night, and Larsa claimed that Pippen had violently abused himself.

Pippen's marriage with his wife now seems to have come to an end. And just in the New Year's Eve, Pippen's wife posted a "Goodbye 2019, hello, 2020" status on social media. Say goodbye to Pippen?


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