Wu Xi: I only learned about the transfer rumors after watching the news, and appreciated Li Tieji's tactics

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hupuzuqiu· 2020-01-05 19:42:54

Hu Pu January 5th new Chinese men's football team Gathered in Guangzhou for three weeks of winter training. Player Wu Xi responded to his transfer rumors in an interview with the media and expressed his views on the national team coach Li Tie.

Beginning of the new national team, what do you think of this training session?

Wu Xi: First of all, go all out. Under the guidance of Li, familiarize yourself with the technical and tactical requirements as soon as possible, and make a reserve for the next 4 games.

What do you think of Li's guidance?

Wu Xi: We all know Mr. Li, who is very hardworking and very comprehensive. When he was the head coach of the club before, we did n’t have much contact with him. , But also played against his team, and very much appreciate his skills and tactics, I hope to come here this time to cooperate more with him, but also for future games.

Looking forward to the next game

Wu Xi: First of all, as a player, you should focus on the game and training, and combine your own characteristics with the coach Among the technical and tactical arrangements, helping the team in the game is the most important.

Last question, there is news that you transferred to Evergrande.

Wu Xi: I know it by watching the news.

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