Meet the pig teammates: Russian retailers launch Switch version of "Metro: Return" in advance

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ITzhijia· 2020-01-05 19:48:07

IT House January 5 News Earlier, it was reported that "Metro: Redux" will land on the Nintendo Switch platform, and related games have also appeared in European rating agencies and received 18+ ratings. It's worth noting that two game retailers in Russia seem to be “unable” to put the Switch version of Metro: Return in advance and spoil the release date in advance.

From the picture, the retailer returns" Metro: Return 》 The release date of the Switch version is marked February 7, 2020, but the official information on the game is still "close to mouth". There is only a month left until February 7th, and it is expected that the official release of the Switch version of Metro: Return will be released soon, so stay tuned.

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