Low speed electric car to do a small factory to sell garlic, industry profits have been so unbearable?

Electric vehicle industry garlic

diandongcheshangqing· 2016-05-21 12:14:32

recently, small series in the process of visiting the market found < strong> "Jinxiang do low-speed electric vehicles in a small factory basic are closed and not closed the boss are not in the workshop, reselling garlic to." from the beginning of last year, the < span style = "FONT-FAMILY: Microsoft YaHei; color: rgb (255,0,0); font-size: 16px" > low-speed electric car market competition has emerged signs of intense, the price war lead to decline in corporate profits has become almost a certainty of things. < span style = "FONT-FAMILY: Microsoft YaHei; color: rgb (0,0,0); font-size: 16px" > now summer advent, low-speed electric car also will enter the off-season, in previous years, the manufacturers stocking and update equipment scene no longer appear, relative to but more than a bit of depression and apathy. Not long ago, about the new national standard is about to introduce the rumors also let a lot of small factory pinched a sweat, since the outlook is bleak, a lot of small factory owners will not have to work hard in this industry. Jinxiang, Shandong Province as a low-speed electric vehicles a base, small plants throughout, < span style = "FONT-FAMILY: Microsoft YaHei; color: rgb (255,0,0); font-size: 16px" > and now the situation can be said is a microcosm of the entire Shandong low-speed electric car market: foreground is unidentified, the profit is not high, lack of motivation.

small factories are facing pressure to survive, to switch to agricultural and sideline products industry

with more than 10 provinces and cities from the policy release of low-speed electric vehicle restrictions, more and more manufacturers added to the industry, such as step this low-speed electric car market development speed is far from the pace of product launch. Although industry too miscellaneous no specific statistics, < span style = "FONT-FAMILY: Microsoft YaHei; color: rgb (255,0,0); font-size: 16px" > but overcapacity in low-speed electric car industry was definitely. This is because of the low speed electric industry threshold low, capital swarmed, few reasonable planning and other aspects but also because of the low speed electric vehicles industry homogenization has indeed very serious.

competition intensified in the "price war" will affect corporate profits, low-speed electric car companies everywhere gold rush era has gone. Under the market environment of industry profits diluted, part of the poor management of large and medium-sized enterprises and most of the small business has been unsustainable situation. So in Jinxiang appeared many bosses not sitting in the supervision of workshop, production business negotiations, but go farming farms start the garlic business.

speaking of garlic, now network popular a term called "garlic you relentless, the source in the nationwide garlic prices rose suddenly, Beijing, Shanghai and other places even reached ten yuan a pound of expensive. As the China garlic, garlic prices in Jinxiang county is rising with the market. Jinxiang low-speed electric car business owners look at this single business is actually understandable, but this also reflects the low speed electric car industry from one side of the heat has declined, at least the investment heat drop. < span style = "FONT-FAMILY: Microsoft YaHei; color: rgb (255,0,0); font-size: 16px" > with the passage of time, industry standardized and mature development cost must be at the expense of some enterprises mismanagement, lack of innovation, quality is not high.

small factories shut down to dealer sounded the alarm, a brand if even the products do not naturally on after-sales service. Dealers in the choice of brand, after all, should also take into account the cost of services.

environmental clearance, Jinxiang paint factory closed

Jinxiang local low-speed electric vehicles matching many paint, paint factory do not hold environmental approval procedures, in the government departments to take the lead in the check there is no natural resistance.

paint and paint greater pollution of the environment is an indisputable fact, formal factories of large automatic spraying line are equipped with exhaust gas processing device. Jinxiang paint factory is a small factory, pollution disposal ability is very weak or there is no treatment measures. The use of coal heating paint coating equipment, serious pollution, so many factories have been closed. But some enterprises under the pull of market demand, the < span style = "FONT-FAMILY: Microsoft YaHei; color: rgb (255,0,0); font-size: 16px" > built in natural gas and electricity for heating power of high-temperature paint room, paint production environment can be improved, but the corresponding costs also increased a lot.

which also can be seen, low-speed electric car industry is facing problems than expected to, but from the positive aspects, it also gives to low-speed electric vehicles manufacturers build brand reputation opportunities. how in the off-season trades maintenance market, devote themselves to do a good after-sales service, will become the future low-speed electric car enterprise quality watershed, part of the brand is bound to gradually go to the formal become the backbone of the industry, and the rest will be ruthlessly eliminated.

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