Tank factory in the history of World War II workshop is also a war

Tanks of World War factory workshop

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With the rise of

, like the tiger and leopard, bear as the representative of the German armored zoo, is a major event in the history of world war. < German nation's fighting spirit and the will, in on the basis of the humiliation of a post-war hatred, and add a Nazi fanatic faith. In World War II reached the culmination point. This energy plus Germany have aircraft and armored troops with the Blitz, the whole Europe rampaged. To counter this frenzy, Soviet Union and Britain will pay a heavy price. < p > the Nazi Party rally venue, full of religious means more than 100 root probe light light pillar, and waving a Nazi flag together constitute the photo picture of the people heart and soul. In the long-term effects of this collective hypnosis, Europe was forced into a crazy and destructive era.

due to the military industry to provide enough engine and vehicle, the German army in the war but also a lot of investment assault gun assist breakthrough, I do not know how many strong array to under the joint attacks of the assault guns and infantry was beat collapse.

char B1 bis type production line, was hailed as the first European army French foundation is quite thick, before the war, only heavy tank shire B1 and B1 bis have more than 400 vehicles. The French army and millions of the size of the standing army and a large number of heavy artillery, which is the main force for deterrence in Germany france.

but, facing the withering of the Blitz, the French air force first lose the battle force, immediately due to the northern front in sickle blitz collapse, the whole of the French army also like this car shire ARL 40 tank prototype, the Germans loot.

under the Nazi regime in Germany the already transferred to a wartime state of economic, military production growth even has been Hitler to think beyond the needs of blitz. < Rheinmetall the 3rd tank production line of the front, there is a car test type heavy tank Neubaufahrzeug, this is total output only 5 units of the early German heavy tank, the faint light, will soon be shine of the new heavy tank covered. Taken on

in iron the heart with Nazi Germany Sike in the end, the British had no choice, launched throughout the British Empire of all power is concentrated in the production of military, especially tanks, planes, and that only big increases in production in order to keep the safety of the British Isles.

all the tank models that are now able to be put into production have been a resource of preference, and today a tank is better than the two of tomorrow! < armored although only 7-40 mm thick, but below the covenanter cruiser tanks are still useful fast tank, arrangements have been mass production.

covenant cruiser tank factory assembly workshop, from 1940 began production in three shifts. British Army's 1st Armored Division in 1940 summer in France the tanks all throw light, the covenant to obtain such a high priority, is to emergency supplemental his six has a tank regiment of the unarmed.

night still brightly lit tank plant, to the edge of life and death, the British government also temporarily put down the liberal figure in peacetime, issued a severe wartime management law, imposes a severe punitive measures on strike, hoarding supplies and other behavior. At the same time, tax increases and the issuance of a war bond together into battle, be sure to become a scorched earth in the local to detonate before empire's full potential.

also, show strong defense force infantry tanks, Mathilde II also received a high priority in the front in France. This force was long Mel resorted to 88 anti-aircraft guns teejet rigid target will be in North Africa to Daxian Shenwei. Across the

Germany is immersed in the conquest of the feud in France a pleasant experience, for the defeat of the battle of Britain is not very care about, the army equipment production have been quietly turning to the east to prepare. Hitler during World War I saw general mobilization caused hardship detrimental effects to the German social morale and loyalty, so in whether to initiate the war mobilization always indecisive, German military industry not only, still have the weekend, and in the evening went so far as to turn off the lights to work.

proper German covert Soviet combat ready to, "fascist supremo" Signor Mussolini has let triumphant Italian forces open riveting M13 tanks and armored small boxes CV33 crossed the border of Libya and Egypt. Class= img_box "

Italy is a country that is not suitable for the modern war. Of mineral resources, he almost did not produce, only rich marble; industrial system theory, although Italy's technical level is not bad, but its main by small and medium enterprises constitute the base of military industrial is far not suitable for modern total war; on the national morale, love life and close to the British resident in Italy seems to is not so easily agitated and brainwashing. < p > the following for total output 141 car Italian Da Semovente 75/34 self-propelled artillery

heard Italy and North Africa pinch the soft persimmon, the Brits gas is not one to play, the Mediterranean is British connecting various colonies in Asia the largest shortcut, how can we allow others to encroach on. At once, regular armor and can hit the Australians to North Africa, let Mussolini relearn what is modern marine.

in North Africa mercilessly lessons Italy tanks of the Matilda infantry tank, its armor thickness in the T-34 before the game is quite excellent.

1940 in December 29th of the British tank factory, is to the turret lifting 40 pounds two mm tank gun, open enough horsepower production, sent to North Africa lesson Mussolini. Only heard of the Germans in North Africa, landing, then let Matilda the Krauts in conjunction with the lesson, showing the Matilda apron armor (with Japanese type 97 tanks face almost thick)

. That the British people did not think of is, Hitler sent to the general unexpectedly a string of serial leg kicking, the British bruised to play to the El Alamein.

North Africa after all just a supporting role on the battlefield, the Soviet Union sitting on 20000 tanks, thousands of aircraft and 400 Wan Lu army, unexpectedly failed to prevent the heads of its determination to conquer, the war in Europe finally on the west, South and east of the three front fully lit.

from the tank plant directly to the east of the railway branch of the four tanks.

if German in at the beginning of the first World War, easily kick down the door of the Soviet Union, but that soon proved that led to the T-34 Soviet model tank is the hardest part of the door.

Red Army in Eastern initial suffered heavy losses to Stalin to recognize the T-34 is stop the German's most effective weapon, numerous factories in Dongqian road can not be stopped production of the T-34 parts!

German after elimination of the fragile T-26, multi turreted T-35 and bolted the BT tanks. They touch on the T-34 and equally difficult to deal with the KV-1, "what the hell" ~ German tanks hand has never been found to the opponent so much behind their own equipment. < p > the Soviet Union during the great depression in a large number of imports of western industrial equipment and the introduction of technology, large industrial system has far exceeded the Czarist Russia to ask Soviet military industrial best what is the only production a. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" Japan to the United States war, is the modern world history of the rare government collective crazy behavior. Japan has been bogged down in a quagmire in the war in China, military spending in recent years is higher than 50% of the government budget, unexpectedly can ignore more than 10 times the strength of the gap between Japan and the United States, anyway, must play, as in we have oil and gas reserves hands-on "this wonderful reason through the war decision. So far, the head of the two pigs to Germany to find all the teammates. < p > the maximum annual output 552 vehicles of type 97 medium tank, a Soviet spy to Stalin report the number, do not know will not be considered treason false data compiled on the grounds of shot??

Japan in the war to focus on the production of aircraft and warships and tanks total yield only more than 2000 vehicles, is simply appalling. From the type 97 improvement in duplicate medium tank production line, a workshop in Hitachi turtle photos taken is Japanese propaganda is very good at pendulum beat irrefutable evidence, because duplicate tanks total output, but 170 vehicles. In the picture once appeared in the 16 car close to the total yield of 10%. Such publicity photos, but it can be installed.

world war ending finally can be identified, a pre war total wealth occupy one-quarter of the world's countries joined the gamble, the original Tan g model m3 grant although the technical level is not high, but the yield is much the same. This car production in 1920, the monthly output of more than ten thousand vehicles in the country put his country's machine start up, immediately shocked the world. Chrysler

m3 grant production plant, models the price is not high in the United States also 7 production lines. Production line of Xie steamed bread

soon M4 began the rapid climbing capacity, a annual production capacity of the tank reached 10000 large tank plant, in 1941, is only a piece of wasteland to 1943 has become one of the production of tanks in the United States, manufacturers.

Sherman, Sherman, the Detroit tank factory of hundreds of thousands of square meters plant momentum magnificent.

through the streets of are Sherman, more than 40000 units of production quantity although inferior to the T-34, but in cooperation with the aircraft and artillery pushed flat western and Japanese already more than enough to spare.

in the East, the Soviet Union has completed the relocation of each tank plant has been restored and increasing yield, the future T-34 flooded to the starting point, is in the car of Chelyabinsk tide off the assembly line.

to offset the bloody serious losses and in the number of overwhelming German and Soviet workers work day and night. < p > the then Soviet children the most impressive is that every extra load of work completed, the day shift workers, heavy sleep, their living area "also does not have the slightest whisper, silent as the empty desert. "Class=

" is more terrible is the Soviet tank industry to provide new products, the performance of more abnormal IS heavy tank.

more the tremendous power of self-propelled gun mount isu-152, these monster products serious stimulated the German tank industry.

to deal with the T-34 crisis, the Germans were the first reaction is imitating the characteristics of panther.

immediately is already completed research and development, in early 1943 rush into battle tiger heavy tanks, here before Germany under the guidance of Speer began full mobilization, in 1943 half braved the Anglo American day and night bombing began to increase.

1943 in July, Germany in the East and into the frontal armor thickness 200 mm as tank destroyers.

then is the summer of 1944 into the battlefield of the cheetah tank destroyers, constantly along with the increase of zoo animal species, bring the result is that many types of production was generally not high, not allied with tens of thousands of medium tanks close contest.

with the worsening of the war, the German tank design but a step by step embarked on a weight increasing caliber gun, the King Tiger weight reached 70 tons of heavy tanks have apparently not in order to design the fast attack vehicle.

King Tiger Shangqie enough, and King Tiger chassis with 71.7 tons, 250 mm maximum armor thickness Jagdtiger, an overweight leads to serious overload suspension models but fortunately only produced 88 units, or really to rescue vehicles and tractors to dead tired.

allied finally in April 1945 three across the Board reached Germany, to stop the further German crazy plan, rats in addition to a complete prototype cars, most are only below this unfinished body.

war destroyed no less than 50 million creatures after, finally in the summer ended, remain in the Asia and Europe devastated.

originally from civil transferring tank of many factories can also return to civilian areas, of which there are several companies in the United States in 1946 on-line new model - recycling of metal production toy tanks. Class= img_box "

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