Lin Yunzhen's so annoying?

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baguaxiansheng· 2016-05-21 14:27:50

every time I see the news to see Lin Lin, eight of the inertia directly to see comments. The result is that a lot of people who criticize.

so, Lin Yunzhen's so annoying?

which is the same as being scolded, that is to say Lin imitation Ni Ni. The cause is this skirt?

eight Mr. not their fans, as a matter of conscience, wear this skirt two people all have different tastes.

actually, big clothes just a few pieces of stars have a heap of Zhuangshan, usually really special. < p > forest allows also to Kelly collided in the skirt?

< P class =" content img P ">

so, said Lin Yun to imitate the feeling of Ni Ni, a lot of photos are like Ni Ni, eight, is feel unfair. < p > you see, baidu but said Lin Yun like s supercapacitors

so who like who, who mimic who need not to delve into the or zhangxinyu imitation Wallace's story isn't when it comes to dawn?

imitation of this, for the time being the forest allows not to.

Lin Yun is also often Tucao like excessive PS. Is a lot of difference < p > her latest PS before and after comparison chart, left microblogging figure clearly to their skin PS was better?

actually leg long different angle to shoot up. < p > such as this group of legend is [not PS appalling artwork, should be flat or slightly high angle shot?

in this photo is really the very like those [have a kind of pain, called boyfriend don't take pictures] example. < p > forest allows real leg is such: partial color black, calf have a little rough and a little bit o?

but it beat out the legs who ah? Fan Bingbing every time the news is delicate makeup hair + slender hands and feet, and Fan Bingbing entertainment for many years without the PS, a new person how will not PS?

feel love PS also can't blame her. If it were not for the PS, a number of star fell mortal...

write, eight, how are feeling he seemed to be for Yun Lin washed?

actually no matter, a star, there will always be people like and do not like the side.

for example, when the forest on the variety of the time, eight, really feel the general.

why? Because she has only a few expressions. First, the ignorant?

in the play?

second, giggle?

don't smile don't cry? All right, it's supposed to be a good laugh, Mr. eight is not Tucao. < p > the third, poor supercapacitors

variety and filming is not the same, through a variety of points, in addition to exhibit the so-called true love, but also variety. < p > Lin Yun is not the true nature, as in the run! Brothers "continuous splits, loud shouting, crazy

these moves even Luhan have reviews for [release self?

though it was true to his temperament, but the point is, that's not funny. < p > forest allows spell the old life to do the splits, yelling deductive crazy character, behind the guests laugh utterly routedly, but as the audience of Mr. eight, and really did not laugh.

variety of this kind of thing, can not be asked to. < p > as saying the original "Mermaid" when aggressively, often appear in News Title [Lin Yun how], eight, title is an informal, results into, only to find said Lin Yun and not Korean tanacu [girlhood] captain Lim Yoona. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" name so like, had also caused the dissatisfaction of fans. < p > after all, Lin Yun news probably involves Lim Yoona the supercapacitors

name fee Xia Lin allow. Faced with this problem hit the name is so respond?

together with the forest allowing recent news: denied the affair has been photographed fengshaofeng with together, microblogging, past and present, the mother is not the same person. Personal words and deeds and have done things that can not easily be able to save a little bit of popularity is not easy to save. < p > it is no wonder that there is such a stick in the existing supercapacitors

say so long, in fact, eight, think Lin Yun, although black material, but can not deny that she is a promising newcomer. < p > such as "Mermaid", Lin Yun took eyes and many cover?

that limb expression transfer and expression shows that, this new lens feeling is good.

I don't spray it, think of your lips, eyes half empty micro Du have this feeling? Class= img_box "

seems to be a simple expression, but in reality it is a test of a sense of the lens.

think Lin Yun why will be selected by Stephen Chow, probably because she was in the lens of the pure sense of it. The pure feeling, similar with zhoudongyu and Michelle Chen supercapacitors

last eight, said, entertainment lack most is a pure sense of the people. Like Tangyan filmed so many works, even wear the school uniform, or with Liu Qi, used to describe the pure is undoubtedly very reluctantly supercapacitors

in the entertainment circle to be for a long time, experience, Tang Yan how do have a pure feeling? Don't blame her.

pure, is Lin Yun temporary advantage, but this is pure, will over time and her inappropriate words and actions will be destroyed.

if you do not have to get rid of the works, whether it is Dongyu Zhou, Michelle Chen or Lin Yun, we remember that the only quiet autumn, Shen Jiayi and the mermaid.

that's a pity, isn't it?

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