1 days to sell 600 thousand kg of Tmall's flagship store in the sudden death of the flagship store!

Tmall flagship store pineapple profit

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and the Xuwen pineapple event, the industry speculated that stupid fresh students must not be left in the local professional procurement personnel. Pineapple is a delicate fruit, if in the process of picking crush injury, in the process of transportation will become rotten. And the maturity of eight points or more than the whole of the pineapple is also unable to sell through the electricity suppliers, the way it will be broken in the courier. Stupid fresh due to source quality control are not controlled well, directly triggered the subsequent returned goods, such as a large number of post compensation, shop score straight decline. "

in fact, the shape of different fruits, soft and hard, the different requirements of the maturity of the different ways and means of circulation is completely different. < p > fruit unbounded founder Ma Xiaoliu, for example, durian must not to express user nine cooked or very ripe, otherwise it will "explode"; in order to fix the durian, must first report on kraft paper and then into the carton, can play to the fixed effects; pineapple need with net sets in order to avoid collisions between; cherry can not directly with ice storage, which would Luo injured cherry, the ice will need with net buffer. < p > as for the accused farmers sit prices, this is in China's business is common enough to risk, according to the stupid fresh, said a pound of pineapple 0.65 yuan, the purchase price can directly observe Chinese farmers struggling, nature is able to earn a gross is a hair. Traditional purchasing fresh by years of cooperation running rules, restrict each other, new entrants to the business internationally, want to walk the straight path directly and farmers dealing and need to find and farmer cooperative control rules, and not a cavity blood.

fresh industrial chain and compression space?

electricity supplier reason to overturn the traditional business, as the root cause of Liu Qiang East stressed is significantly reduced the cost of commercial circulation, so the Jingdong do the efficient logistics. However, fresh business is an exception. < p > industry professionals to billion state power network pointed out that social basic formats of fresh this relationship to the national economy and the people's livelihood, from the policy and circulation are already formed a very efficient play. Take the example of fruits, traditional flow path is receiving small business hawker to fields, then the set of goods to a wholesaler, wholesale level and then transported to the country the secondary wholesale market, such as Beijing Xinfadi.

in the whole process, the fresh is often only after a large number of wholesalers, and unlike many other categories of distribution, a great compression of the number of times. Because of fresh, more than one time on the transfer of a fatal loss. < p > products such as higher sensitivity of the vegetable prices, Beijing vegetables is often small wholesalers directly from farmers in the surrounding Zhangjiakou procurement, the next day to pull to Beijing Xinfadi market, direct wholesale to retail vendors. This intermediate, wholesalers is two people of husband and wife, small business hawkers are self-employed, are willing to pay far more than in the income of the time and cost of life in the long years of running.

fresh electricity suppliers, the compression of space where? Is nothing more than the user to take the initiative to go to the market to buy and home delivery difference. And door-to-door, is undoubtedly a circulation, business express layer set of goods layers distribution delivery process and violent ways of loading and unloading, caused by the loss will increase a layer of high cost. < p > this is Xuwen ripe pineapple results can take the traditional wholesale channels, you can take the peddler, but not walk the root cause of fresh business. < p > to fresh business, the remaining seems to only producing scale direct mining, large-scale planting efficiency, which is not in the electricity supplier which fresh overnight. It is not difficult to understand, such as associative such scale enterprises, in the massive fresh period of time after the silent silent. < statement by fresh electricity meters fresh founder of coke Yue, producing direct mining although model on the relationship of the chain, but only for seasonal goods and procurement scale demanding that the upstream fight cargo capacity, to the pear in Xinjiang as an example, one-time purchases have dozens of tons, demanding that the platform has great ability to digest. In the traditional fresh circulation, the risk is greatly Jicai decomposed into numerous scattered small wholesalers.

of course, in the future, with the increase in sales of fresh electricity suppliers, big data forecasts more accurate, direct mining may be a real change in the pattern of fresh industry. Direct cause of sudden death in fatal


stupid fresh raw after-sales pressure undoubtedly is, a lot of after-sales for fresh business is catastrophic, not simply reduce loss and profit. Fruit unbounded founder Ma six pointed out that "fresh business not sales, but to see how many sale returned goods, the latter is the deciding factor. "< a fresh business operators to billion state power network revealed that last year sold through online channels cherry, freight in the price accounted for as high as 50%. Packaging links also consume a lot of material, and packaging and fresh loss is closely related. The packing for each fresh claim is not the same. The

operator pointed out that, in respect of loss, B2C loss is higher than that of the traditional mode of fresh channels. Traditional fresh chain of losses between 20% to 30%, but this is the whole fresh chain. And electricity providers even from the origin direct mining, into the hands of the user, count returns and reject the cost will reach such a figure, not to mention the B2C e-commerce logistics not suitable for fresh products, which is fresh platform self logistics, easy fruit fresh will establish the self logistics and distribution of the Xianda. < p > electricity distribution channels, resulting in the fruit in the traditional sales channels, but can not through electronic business sales channels, otherwise they will be the express way is broken; high maturity fruit can not be sold in the business; mutual ripening fruit is not put together the despatch and transport. < p > at present, open the fresh platform, undoubtedly to sales high off the price of imported fruits, meat based, often rugged products by the toss. And home cooked vegetables are often several times the price of the traditional market. For example, a pound of tomatoes, the price of electronic business platform in about 10 yuan a pound, the traditional market is only three or four yuan a pound.

and fresh electricity suppliers through the Internet channel sales led to its need to invest a lot of marketing costs, in order to get traffic and users. And as a result of fierce competition between fresh electricity providers, businesses also invested a lot of money subsidies. There are fresh players revealed: "an apple a money come in, 80 Fen sold out. This leads to burn fresh fields become the norm.

difficult to find a way out of the way

face the plight of the development of fresh electricity suppliers, many businesses are trying to upgrade in succession, to set foot in the direction of the main two: B2B and O2O. < according to billion state power network, now a lot of Internet started fresh business, such as originally life every day, orchards, etc. hope try fresh B2B business, for line fruit retail supply of goods.

a senior fresh source said that the Internet Co easily set foot in the field of fresh B2B will be a disaster. Because B2B business seems to be easy to quickly upgrade the scale, expanding sales, but will actually be a serious loss, it is difficult to profit, is a model of unsustainable development. Last year, fresh B2C electricity suppliers were squeezed dead a large number, in 2017, 2016 fresh electricity suppliers B2B estimates will be squeezed a large number of. The key reason is that fresh B2B is not an Internet business, but the business of traditional brands and wholesalers. Internet companies in terms of experience, resources, knowledge, accumulation and other aspects, compared with the traditional B2B companies are not competitive.

these people believe that the majority of Internet companies do fresh B2B can not be profitable, they lack the ability to control costs, the Internet does not understand the goods, can not control the loss, can not control costs.

"and the Internet is also very naive to the accumulation of fresh professional knowledge and cost calculation. The person just a account: now fresh electricity suppliers, logistics and warehousing accounted for 10% of the overall price of the overall; labor costs accounted for 10%; for the market to promote the user subsidies accounted for 5%; cargo losses accounted for 10% to 10%. "And the gross profit of fresh wholesale just how many? 10 ~ 20%. Such a situation can be profitable? This is the real level of Internet people involved in fresh electricity suppliers.

for a lot of fresh electricity suppliers, or the layout of the warehouse, or the joint line of retail resources in the form of fresh B2C+O2O chain model is a lot of people in the industry are optimistic. Love fresh bee, originally living was convenient and has just won the U of the investment manager all belong to this category.

to establish the advantages of pre warehouse and joint line of retail resources is due to the distribution of distributed storage can be the nearest distribution, greatly reducing the cost of packaging and logistics, but also reduce the loss. < for example, u the shopkeeper to take the "centralized and distributed storage mode, in addition to the central warehouse, in Shanghai also built a more than 40 front positions. In the process of fresh and fine operation, different categories of fruit fresh period is different, for example, the shelf life is very short, so it is necessary to ensure the quality of pre warehouse delivery. Some categories of fruit can be shipped directly from the concentration of the warehouse and even direct shipments.

but due to the line operating costs are too high, so the layout of the warehouse, the integration of the line under the fresh O2O model requires a large amount of funds to support. < although fresh o2o mode may be fresh business "landing" of a shortcut, but can go through or to see whether the capital strength of blessing. At the same time, fresh electricity suppliers must learn to fine operation of the warehouse, or enhance the use efficiency of the line under the line.

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