Xi'an vice president of her strong female teachers to solve real demons: difficult to control

Xi'an principals teachers discipline inspection group

shanxicunguanwang· 2016-05-21 21:16:02

of the CPC Xi'an municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department official in Lintong micro-blog @ beautiful Lintong news release, in May 20th on the Internet in Lintong District A central primary school vice principal of a discipline problem of net posts, District Education Bureau and the District Commission for Discipline Inspection of the discipline inspection group stationed in the discipline inspection group launched a rapid investigation. After preliminary verification: net posts content is basically true. The Party committee of Education Bureau decided, on which the public officer has been suspended, undergoing further investigation. < p > Shaanxi village network (Qinjian): People's teachers themselves bear Bainianshuren plans, needs everywhere to establish ethics, tuition FAQ. However, Lintong District, Xi'an City, phase in the center of the bridge school vice president, Tian Temple Elementary School Principal division, but by going out to subordinate female teacher forced cuddle, and asked to go to the hotel open room, by the female teachers is strongly rejected. < according to victims fan teacher told: "January 2016 I in the northwest women and children's hospital surgery hospital, at that time no beds is Lintong District phase in the center of the bridge school Shi Xiaoxiong, vice president of call to help arrange. So I always felt that I owed him a favor, and I should ask him to eat a meal. I don't have any contact. He is the deputy head of the education group of our school of Bridge Street and the principal of Tian Si primary school. I have no heart to guard against! Who can think of a school teacher, teaching can do so nasty things. There may have been an attempt. He called me several times before March 22, 2016 to say that I was out drinking tea and chatting, and I thought it would be a good meal. "

" in March 24th after school, the teacher Xiao Xiong drove to pick me up, asked to go to Yanliang or Weinan, I can say, think about it to eat a meal. He said that Yanliang acquaintances too much, go to Weinan bar. And then took me to the Weinan Wanda plaza. Where to eat a meal, he said I was learning music, go to sing a song together. I also did not want to think. In Weinan Wanda Plaza, "the voice of pure K" KTV, where he was on the spot to do a membership card. He asked me to drink, I said I can't drink, I want a pot of tea. Get 9 points, I said we should go back, and then later the uncle went to sleep, no back door. He said he couldn't go back, and opened a hotel here, and I said I never stayed at a hotel. He came and picked me up, and I'll be there. Then in my body touch, and hold my hand. I said I want to go back, he just sent me back. Also said that next time lets me give him to dance. As a school leader of female teachers is a shame education two words up. "Mention these, female teacher fan still agitated.

it is understood that the teacher Xiao Xiong is currently the vice president of Lintong Xi'an District phase bridge center school, Lintong District Tian Temple Primary School principals. For reflecting the victims of female teachers, teacher Xiao Xiong principals said, he was, and female teachers singing just simple hug and did not fumble, there is no language flirt. Later, the female teacher said at night to go back into the door, he was put forward to the hotel to open the room, and did not say "we open the room". Vice President Shi Xiaoxiong said he also felt that their behavior is not appropriate, to the parties to the psychological harm.