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ITzhijia· 2016-05-22 01:30:18

5 month 21 News, this year Apple was quite suck, iPhone6s iPhone SE, the market response suck, then is frequently outside mouthing, wanted to go to India to sell second-hand iPhone, but was mercilessly rejected. Apple CEO these two days in person to visit India, once again aroused the attention of the outside world.

India will oppose the second hand iPhone, there is a certain reason is the fear of foreign enterprises to open the door of the dumping of electronic products, and even the dumping of scrap. Once the Indian government to relent, it means that India will not limit used or refurbished iPhone imports, it's not exactly conducive to create "made in India".

Cook recently also said that considering the introduction of Store Apple and Pay Apple India, and even the production line will be moved to India. Thus, apple is also eager to aggressively attack into India, and Samsung and a large number of domestic mobile phone manufacturers to carve up the market in India.

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