Courier to collect the parcel, which came from the phone ring

Express parcel mobile phone ring iPhone

ITzhijia· 2016-05-22 01:30:42

< p > express little brother in door-to-door parcel, hear wrapped inside a cell phone ring tones, then through security screening found 15 phones in a stolen mobile phone information, this found that help the police uncovered a stolen mobile phone sales gang.

3 March 31, the sender Lee to contact the courier company, request staff to Jiangxia College Road, a district to receive parcels. When the recipient express little brother found a parcel issued from time to time mobile phone ringtones, Lee explained that was sent to the Shenzhen mobile phone friends. Courier see Lee look strange, especially carefully when screening.

Jiangxia Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade police had key: our machine for 15 phone owners pay a return visit. Then we initially identified stolen time and place, access to the crime time period of surveillance video, found in a number of suspects characteristics, preliminary judgment for the crime gang. Police mobile phone number express parcel reserved for investigation, found in the host department of Jiangxi Ji Li, Tan, two per capita pickpocketing record, so the police all of its express parcel were strictly monitored.

Jiangxia Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade police had key: since the sender for nearly two months of express parcels flow through careful analysis, to tease out the Lee a Jiangxi nationals suspected of theft, express transport and fence a long operation mode. On April 14, courier companies transfer information, Lee to again send the parcel by mail, the police decided to disguised as a courier, door-to-door collection.

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