I/O developer conference is still very cool, but not the original Google

Google developer general assembly acquisition

PingWestpinwan· 2016-05-22 01:31:06

and I/O Google over a year. Google Google I / O keynote together every morning in the past three days, I will and thousands of people listening to the main venue, the morning again with hundreds of people together in the summer of California outdoor queue waiting to enter the field of branch of each lecture and demo demo, then with another dozens of people share a little piece of lawn finished lunch, and then in the afternoon repeat the morning until the evening six and seven < strong > this is not I attended the first session of the I / O, to say in this field such as outdoor music festival of science and Technology Conference spent three days later I what is the deepest feelings, I will tell you: Google I / O is not the original, Google is not the original. Class= img_box "

I am not saying that the general assembly from the conference center in San Francisco to the indoor Shoreline park outside the park. Let me I want to express the meaning is clear: if we say that last year, Google announced the split alphabet, people only from the media reports read a general concept, then the I / O really to vividly show the difference between the two.

module, the fate of the mobile phone ARA Project is much better. Also released in the project two years ago, are now mature, Google officially's income under the new hardware department, by the former Motorola mobility CEO Rick & middot; osterloh supervision. It will be officially released next year, the consumption level of the modular Android mobile phone. However, even so, the ARA project is still not its own booth, announced the contents of the third days of the "advanced technology project laboratory" (ATAP) link, did not enter the first day of the Keynote. < p > the I / O conference of all and now the little Google: artificial intelligence, search, advertising, the Android platform and developers, application downloads, liquidity and income; I never so clearly aware of, those who let us excited, long-term changes in human technology, such as cutting-edge technology, prolong life, cure disease, digital life and really left to the now the Google, leaving the alphabet.

the reality of the former and down to earth, the latter is very forward, let a person look forward to unlimited. In the final analysis, this is I/O Google, not I/O Alphabet. I think this is probably my first day after the end of the show is in of the cause of disappointment. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" but this is not necessarily a bad thing. < p > although Google is not a year Google, but it can not be denied, except for the unrepentant chat software, and in the VR hindsight, Google still has, but some unexpected new technology show. < p > people still in the third day in the morning to see the atap's project soli (ultra small gesture sensing chip), project jacquard (intelligent fiber) and project ara the project progress, called the three days of the general assembly in the exciting release. ATAP from the organizational structure is still belong to Google, it may be retained, the only way to stimulate the Google from the micro innovative comfort come out, to create a completely subvert the people's understanding of the existing science and technology department. Soli

Project's core product is a chip that is smaller than the 25 cent coin, but Google says it is a motion sensing radar. It is able to work at a very low power of 0.054 watts to 18000 times the refresh rate of 15 meters in front of a small breadth of space within the scope of the movement. The technology in the I / O to get the show cause lies in the future Android wear watches will be able to implant a small piece of chip, the smart watch get touch, voice and button / dial plate outside the four interactive modes: floating gesture -- imagine in your watch to install a leap motion and kneading two finger will be able to control your watch. Class= img_box "

Project" Jacquard is one of the stars of the I/O project last year. This year's clothing brand s' Commuter has brought the Trucker Levi jacket with this kind of smart fiber. It can wash and rub from tolerance almost no difference between ordinary clothing. Clothes can be connected via Bluetooth and mobile phones, music volume control, answer the phone and so on - the real wearable technology". Class= img_box "

and ARA. Now the Android device ecological rules are Google to the manufacturers authorized to use Android, but in addition to the Nexus project, Google for manufacturers of what kind of device has no right to say. Now Google believes that Google gave Android a new opportunity to redefine the ARA device ecology, it will be the most popular Android highly customizable features to play to the extreme. < p > if Google also imagine apple as from the software company and upgrade become integrated hardware and software companies have enough reason to prove this conjecture), we will from the ARA, jacquard and soli, see the plan of great sail. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" to see the leader of Google. People said CEO Sundar Pichai as a pragmatist, in business and different companies grabbed the kite line, ensure all fly kites not blow the man walk or fell to the ground. All the figures are reported to be Pichai with the idea of active ideal ambitious Google founding two groups of complementary "third people", the stabilizer. < p > but don't forget, Pichai to take a position, CEO of the company, the most important reason, not his past feats and now the task, but he to Google, at that time, there is no split into alphabet of the world's largest the coolest Internet technology company -- plan and prospects for the future.

I never worried that the source of Google's innovation would dry up. A company founder, development process, employee creativity, as well as various product lines and their in enterprise future development path has been given the importance, together to shape a relatively stable, it is difficult to be broken company culture.

even if this session of I/O and compared to previous years, slightly boring, I still believe that Google will find once the rhythm, continue to stimulate the people witnessed the leading edge of science and technology, resulting in the nerve of the nerve. Of course, I look forward to in the future there may be a new "alphabet I / O" or "Scrabble" such cutting-edge science and technology conference, but I wouldn't miss this for Google I / O, in the final analysis, the alphabet is not Google inoculation of? Class= img_box "

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