Women in love! Be praised "your boyfriend super handsome" Ruby Lin immediately smiled to open the flower

Ruby Lin a woman in love 3S lady flash marriage Wallace Huo

guangmingwangzonghe· 2016-05-22 06:53:51

< p align = "center" >林心如探班霍建华返台 被问结婚:没那么快

< p >, according to Taiwan media reports our 40 year old 20, generous public and the small of her four year old Wallace's romance, the official from the golden left women, our broker also of two people is expected to flash marriage said "let it be", went to Qingdao goings boyfriend ruby, 21 afternoon from the local Taiwan at the airport will inevitably be a reporter asked feelings related issues, including reporter blurted out: "your boyfriend is very handsome Lord!" Let Ruby Lin immediately reveal the sweet can laugh, a look back should not hide the happy, happy mood. < p < p align = "center" >林心如探班霍建华返台 被问结婚:没那么快

< p > our this afternoon from Qingdao to Taiwan from the Taoyuan airport immigration immediately by many people to reporters surrounded, according to reports, curious about the outside world two people is really pregnant? She jiaochen denied: "which is so fast!" Reports have pointed out, in Wallace, worked for many years is to girlfriend intend to return to Taiwan to settle in, ask our arrival will not to move in with your boyfriend? She denies it.


entertainment reporter in micro-blog to share an interview with Ruby Lin, said with a smile: "do not be careful to say: your boyfriend is very handsome."! Super good (the truth), resulting in exchange for Chan goddess toothy smile, the netizen says: "see knew is in love woman", "Lim smile bloom, is so handsome so good male friends proud." "Lim face happy appearance, blessing". < p < p align = "center" >林心如探班霍建华返台 被问结婚:没那么快

< p > according to Taiwan's ETTV cloud reported, the artist ruby in the age of 40 years old this year announced the end of the single, recognition and her four year old actor Wallace is communication in, especially two people in Taiwan are all very popular actor, news a will occupy the major media layout, did not expect to recognize love had not long been mainland users take to fly from Taiwan to Qingdao goings are filming Wallace that the young couple to love the very hot. < p < p align = "center" >林心如探班霍建华返台 被问结婚:没那么快

< p > in the picture can see the black cap our head pressure is very low, wearing a white short sleeved shirt, denim overalls, although deliberately low key dress, wearing dark glasses, or be sharp eyed passers-by to recognize, has caused a stir, but she didn't seem to be affected by it, his face still hung smile, fast customs clearance to leave. < p < p align = "center" >林心如探班霍建华返台 被问结婚:没那么快

< p > 21, ruby appeared in Qingdao airport, she was wearing jeans with a belt and a white short sleeved refreshing and pleasant, full of youthful spirit, see the camera videotaping, her shyness honey smile scurry waved. < p < p align = "center" >林心如探班霍建华返台 被问结婚:没那么快

< p > then Wallace will appear above the same elevator, wearing a black wool hat and sunglasses in slide phone, in recognition of love at the same time appear in the same place, generous attitude caused by fans of a lively discussion.

林心如探班霍建华返台 被问结婚:没那么快


"pictext" align= "center" > 21, Ruby Lin appeared in Qingdao airport.

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