Breast augmentation of the woman, but also to the baby to breast feeding it?

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with the domestic and foreign milk powder quality events continue to appear, mothers are more and more aware of the importance of breast feeding on the growth and development of children. However, contemporary women also pay more attention to their own image, every woman would like to have their own chest fullness, to be a "very" good woman.

recently, a patient asked me: "breast augmentation can breast feeding?" she had a few years ago, breast augmentation surgery, and now want to have children, and fear that the prosthesis will have an impact on lactation. Today is the "520" national breastfeeding promotion day, we will this topic to all the beauty of the female friends.

to answer this question, first of all, we need to understand the transmission process of milk.

augmentation has what method?

breast is a breast shaping technique, long thoracic approach, injection breast augmentation with autologous fat breast augmentation and implant breast augmentation three methods:

1. injection breast augmentation: there are two ways to

, a is through the tube to a kind of colorless, transparent, similar to a jelly like liquid substance, polyacrylamide hydrogel (Amazingel) injected into, by injection to the chest swelling up. < p > but due to the material injected into the human body, decomposition of poisoning the nervous system, kidney damage, damage to the circulatory system, the World Health Organization has Amazingel listed as one of the suspected carcinogen, 2006 has been called a halt to the State Food and drug administration.

is also a kind of autologous fat extracted after injection into the breast, so as to achieve a large chest, plump effect (see the following autologous fat transplant).

2. of autogenous fat transplantation:

is actually a kind of injection breast augmentation, it is through the removal of fat in the abdomen, buttocks, thigh or arm, body fat rich site, after a special treatment or pure fat granule, injected into the breast to breast augmentation effect.

the amount of fat required for breast augmentation, and the injection of fat may be absorbed by the human body, the success rate is only about 50%.

3. prosthetic grafts:

is currently used more widely as a method, it through hidden incision, breast tissue and in the walls apart, the prosthesis into the gap between the breast and pectoralis major muscle, to achieve the purpose of breast augmentation.

, our breast is composed of fat, breast and pectoralis major. Breast development depends on gene. We can't expect to stay slim while only increasing fat in the chest. The only best effort is the major chest muscle, exercise can increase the chest muscle, to help our breasts second times "development", increase the "slope" of the breast, so that the chest is more forceful. So breast movement can be said to be self breast the fastest way, is also a self breast of the most simple and convenient method, but what sports breast? Let's take a look at this woman how to breast movement:

woman how breast enhancement? Self breast the fastest way to a:

1, stand, upright abdomen, hands cross in the opposite direction, straight up, toward the direction of the top of head held high high.

2, elbows slightly bent, forced right down, left hand drive to back position.

3, both hands to hold, then repeated the action, the turnover of, can be repeated several times to see their actual situation and decide.

PS: movements of the not need occupy a lot of space, at home, in the office can be, to be able to stretch and in the breast while protecting your spine not hurt by the long time working at his desk in the Oh!

woman how breast enhancement? Self breast the fastest method 2:

1, the thin magazine or book clip in the armpit, must be clamped.

2, bending the elbow, his hands clenched, his forced inward clamping, do not let the books and magazines fall down, how to have effect? Is when you feel arm fatigue effect slowly came out.

PS:MM. Don't choose too thick or too large books and magazines to do this group of breast movement, Xiaobian recommended by the ordinary notebook can be, of course, do not be too thin, or haven't started feeling tired.

woman how breast enhancement? Self breast the fastest way to three:

1, facing the wall standing upright close alvine, both hands straight open and shoulder are the same as wide, and palm to stick tight wall. When close to walls to keep upright close alvine action.

2, the upper body as far as possible to the direction of the wall pressure, you feel like pushing the walls, the walls do not move, you push hard. At the same time, elbows bend to the chest as far as possible with the wall close contact.

PS better choice of the relatively smooth wall and rough walls for a long time will be worn in the palm of your hand, soft walls can not, because it allows you to relax and make efforts.

sports breast can increase the blood circulation of the chest, you can clear the breast, so that the breast to absorb more nutrients, but the diet alone is not enough to increase the nutritional composition of the breast. Need outside help to add enough nutrients to the breast, what for chest and better nutrition? < Li Bei Li to take three-dimensional breast enhancement scheme, to beer flower extract liquid, kudzu root as the main ingredients, rich in effective transdermal promoting factor. Can penetrate to the deep breast cells, activation of aging, the decline of the cell organization, to provide adequate nutrition to the breast, to help the two development of the breast. Simultaneous polymerization of breast fat, help breast growth, reshape the breast glandular tissue, ascension and strong relaxation, sagging breasts, remodeling plump, firm, and upturned the perfect chest. Insist on the use of Li B.Free every day, you can supplement the nutritional composition of the chest, filling the fat cells and the regeneration of breast cells, so that the natural increase in the chest. And Li B.Free is rich in collagen and repair factor. Can increase the breast at the same time, repair damaged connective tissue, let not only breast fullness, and Alice quite flexible and real significance to achieve breast, shaping and breast three effects.

Li B.Free effect is very good reputation, millions of user feedback data show that the average breast enhancement effect is: B - 4-6 to A weeks, B-C will need 6-8 weeks, A-C average of 9 weeks or more. And Li B.Free breast regardless of age, regardless of physical fitness, does not hurt the body, does not rebound, do not shrink back. Using the top of the transdermal absorption of scientific and technological achievements, pay attention to tackling the problem, from the fundamental solution to the problem of breast, effect was maintained for a long time, will not rebound, so that all women are easy to achieve breast enhancement effect, Li Bei Li is female breast, "the gospel, is the female has the waves in Chung's proud bimodal. < p > women s curve is confidence in the capital, but not everyone can generate full, so full rounded chest is many women in the pursuit of goals, so more and more breast enhancement method emerge in endlessly. However, there are many methods of breast enhancement, but the security is not reliable and how many Oh, sports breast and Ribery is a good choice oh!

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