Ruby Lin and Alec Su 40 years old agreement broken

Ruby Lin Alec Su Hu Ge Wallace Huo

3Gmenhuyule· 2016-05-22 11:13:01

< p >, according to Taiwan media reports, artist Wallace 2015 by "spend thousands of bone, climbing on the cause of the peak, swept across the continent the Drama Awards, become teenage fans in the heart of one man of God, and his love life so much attention, he picked recognize our love in the past was rumored day on May 20, by the majority of users blessing. But there are fans of Alec Su and Ruby Lin had had a 40 year old agreement, the loss of Wallace Huo is really a little chance to people. < / P > < p > Su / > due to filming "Huanzhugege" and Ruby become close friends, two people over the years to "super best friends" called each other, and "40 year old agreement", meaning that if the two people are 40 years old and unmarried men and unmarried women, simply together, did not expect in our age of 40 years old, outgoing and Wallace from friends sublimated into a lover, "about a 40 year old" exist in broken bureau the, friends laugh lose Wallace is really a scheming boy ", a chance are not left to Alec. < p > but before Alec said, with our feelings has been like family, promise to 40 years old, "I'm not too active", and the woman also said 2 friendship would have more than the men and women, but there are fans felt sorry for him and joked to he and Hu together to form the "comfortable" (suju CP). Class= img_box "

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