The young mother will not bring the child to spend 100 thousand month club for 3 months

Confinement confinement center club the young mother children

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< p align = "center" >年轻妈妈不会带孩子花10万住“月子”会所3个月

< p class = "pictext align =" center "> Daping street in the era of the month club, the nurses are nursing baby. Reporter Li Huashe < p < p > Chongqing daily news home live Yubei District Zhou Yao woman has given birth to a son for 3 months the, but now she is still "confinement". She originally only intended to stay in the month club for a month, accustomed to the care of the month club, go home with the baby after found themselves unable to adapt to their own kids day, only continue to sit on the ". Reporters found that, with the release of the two child policy, the city of the month club also fire up, the most expensive of a few ten million in January, especially young mothers are more willing to spend lots of money to confinement in the month club, like Ms. Zhou such mother a lot. < p > < strong > confinement for a month to spend 3.5 million

< p > this year February has just given birth to baby Zhou Yao lady after discharge was car into the book of the month club. To live in future is indeed very good, is the main worry." Ms. Zhou said, will all special care 24 hours a day, changing diapers, clothes to children and adults have the person responsible for the cleaning, every day in the morning someone took the baby to swimming, bathing, and she can do some courses of Kang. The staple food meals plus three meal meals to someone brought home, people are no longer specially prepared a month of meals. < p > reporter learned that, Ms. Zhou such confinement service fee is 3.5 million, the price is not cheap, but Ms. Zhou and his family think the value, weeks mother said his daughter pregnant in October hard, should have a good sit comfortable worry of confinement. < p < p > < strong > home to continue to sit a month month

< p > worry soon on the past and looking at the baby grow plump, his body is adjusting well, Ms. Zhou is very happy, however, followed by the day but let her a little crazy. < p > because she is the first child born, no parenting experience. After returning home all of a sudden, the daily life of children let she and her husband to make arrangements for a rush. "Although in the club have learned some, but after returning home, even in this work we do not change the diaper, diapers often do not wear well. We need to take a shower at the club, we don't have to worry about it. To go home, only to find that the child is too small, do not know how to wash. After washing, is wearing clothes, baby on the urine, and have to re get, sometimes take a bath to toss about an hour." Ms. Zhou said, change diaper bathing or small, more let her worry, home for the elderly because of the different parenting experience, often to the how to feed their children argument, home less than a week family get a miasma, a few days in a row, night in and night cannot sleep. < p > finally, Ms. Zhou and her husband for a discussion, decided to the month club "sit", and this sit is two months, at a total cost of 10 million yuan. < p > < strong > survey

< p > < strong > Chongqing more than 50 month the club have made an appointment to October

< p > reporter learned, with two child policy liberalization, and a lot of people favor the baby monkey, this year the month club market is unpopular, according to the relevant data, three years ago, Chongqing confinement club about 10, and the current various grades of the month club has increased to more than 50. The reporter visited the Chongqing several well-known month clubs, many club staff said in five or six room is close to saturation, even some people have begun to make a reservation for October, the general pregnant women pregnant after three month began to scare up booking the confinement of the place.

, the reporter learned that Chongqing confinement center is generally divided into Villa Hotel and family. Hotel style villa confinement center higher fees, free of charge to provide common maternal and child supplies, special mouthwash, slippers, newborn clothes are all provided, the maternal can always hold the children stay, the monthly cost of 5 to 8 million. The family is cheaper, women should prepare the qualification, daily necessities, hardware, staffing and other aspects are more casual. < p > < strong > remind

< p > < strong > select the month clubs must see the qualifications

< br / > City People Club Bureau Talent Exchange Center tension said, due to the current maternal and infant health care in the classification of national economic industries, not the operating range of specialized, industry don't presentation and comments, offering confinement center lack of barriers to entry, some confinement center, regardless of the cost malicious bargain after and cut corners, nursing personnel qualification also tend to be mixed, resulting in disputes from time to time. But some of the month club own marked "Star" in order to raise the price, and no authority identified. < p > in this regard, City Council to remind the vast number of consumers, try to choose a certain size confinement center, service has safeguard relatively. At the same time, to see the scope of business licenses, see. Claims to the authority of experts, senior professional, and the requirements of the relevant professional qualifications and professional certificate. Through the national enterprise credit information publicity system, check the agency credit information. In addition, consumers and confinement center should sign a written agreement, to each other should be responsibility one agreement, the two sides on the terms of the agreement reached consistent premise, then pay to stay. The agreement also marked the liability for breach of contract, for example, service and commitment to the confinement center is inconsistent refund or how to do. Once consumers encounter disputes, should be timely to carry the relevant documents to the business sector, the price department and other complaints in order to effectively safeguard the rights.

(Ye Huijuan)

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