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Patent national chemist

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revered as the" father of his country "chemist and worship you!

the outstanding" Sun Yat Sen & quot; chemist, is Weizmann!

Weizmann was born in Russia, because the Jews, suffered from childhood the supercilious look. He graduated from high school he made two great ambition: one is when a distinguished chemist; the second is building belonging to a Jewish national independence. & nbsp;

Weizmann in Russia finish college, go to the German reading Chemistry Master, then went to the University of Fribourg, Switzerland PhD in chemistry, and finally to the professor of chemistry of the University of Geneva. Later, because of the war, he came to the University of Manchester in 1904, engaged in chemical research work, and settled in the United kingdom. & nbsp;

1916, Weizmann finally usher in fruitful results: < span style =" font size: 14px; color RGB (255, 255, 255). Background-color: RGB (2, 30, 170); "> he study the bacteria Clostridium acetobutylicum to produce acetone, the invention successfully resolved the problem of smokeless powder can not be put into mass production. is in the critical period of World War I, the British navy is in urgent need of a large number of guns and ammunition supply to the front, and acetone is the production of artillery ammunition in the process of an important chemical. However, the invention is the invention of the batch production of acetone Weizmann out of the British military enterprises to use the technology must be Weizmann to pay royalties. As a result of the huge quantity of artillery ammunition, so the royalty is an astronomical figure. The British government due to the war, as cash strapped, make ends meet. So, the British government will send navy officials went to discuss with Weizmann, to discuss whether to default on the use of patent fees. & nbsp;

Weizmann was positive for the restoration of Israel and trouble, because of prejudice against Jews around the world, most countries do not support the restoration of Israel. When the British navy officials to find him negotiate patent time-consuming Weizmann, get a brainwave said: "< span style =" font size: 14px; color RGB (255, 255, 255). Background-color: RGB (2, 30, 170); "> patent technology I can let you use free of charge, a penny don't, but I hope the British government issued a statement Zionist and establish a Jewish state. the British government to weigh a lot, and ultimately accepted the conditions of Weizmann. On November 2, 1917, the British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour published the Balfour Declaration, the full support of the Jewish Zionist and licensing Jewish immigrants to Palestine Region.   style= white-space: "normal

with public support from the British government, the rest of the world has begun to resist the Jewish state. At the beginning of 1948 Weizmann, to the identity of the Zionist leaders to Washington met with US President Harry Truman, finally let the government agreed to the Jews in Palestine to establish national. & nbsp;

1948, Weizmann announced to set up color nations. February 17, < span style = "font size: 14px; color RGB (255, 255, 255); background-color: RGB (2, 30, 170);" > Weizmann was elected Israel's first president, the respect of the people of Israel as Israel's "father" , his head also is printed on the Israeli currency.

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