The new mom dad took to the new energy-saving safe?

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taipingyangqinziwang· 2016-05-23 00:23:27

< p > new mum and dad a new experienced during pregnancy and post partum recovery period for a long time, "isolation", finally able to re - "together". This does not, new mother menstruation also tempted to intercourse. But the new mom and Dad, this is a matter of physical health, have to endure! Source of

[menstrual intercourse unsafe to the new dad]

generally choose in menstrual clean after 2 and 3 days of of the same branch of a family is the best, because in menstrual bleeding stopped after her uterus cavity surface there are still some broken blood vessels and ducts, parts of the small blood vessels may also have some bleeding, endometrium has only just started to grow, the palace cavity surface is not covered with epithelium. At this time, the palace cavity of the wound is like skin, skin scratch, although no longer bleeding, but there is still no complete regeneration and repair.

addition, menstruation 2-3 days after intercourse, new mothers also need to do contraceptive measures. Because the sperm in vivo survival is likely to reach three days or so, and after the end of menstruation may have a few days of eggs, "waiting" in the sperm, it is easy to combine with the egg. For just after the production of the new mother, the body is not suitable for a short period of time again pregnant, and if the abortion, the body will cause greater damage, psychological may also be affected.

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