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Training camp

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4 month 17 days (Sunday) morning, more than 220 runners gathered in Dalian Dalian, the Donggang International Conference Center Fountain square, attended by the Dalian Municipal Sports Bureau, Ou Xun sports, Dalian Aishang running club jointly organized the 2016 Malaysian official camp the two activities.

the Malaysian training camp and invited China amateur marathon world famous run Tong Qiang coaching. He from running posture, pace, relax, diet, game mentality, etc., for everyone on the a wonderful marathon to share lessons.


Tong Qiang, the national level athletes, China Amateur marathon banner figure 13 < / strong > a horse marathon competition experience, nearly a hundred Games marathon marathon, the best result. Chinese run manager , who provide guidance on both sides of the Changjiang River countless marathon runners.

training camp at 08:30 to coach brought everyone to do static and dynamic tensile relaxation.

around Fountain Square warmup.

the next positive step, feelings and use its rebound.

feel the body forward. />

relax about lunges tensile. />

"group building" type of queuing.

relax embrace knee under the squat.

this period has more than 200 running friends to participate, originally planned for 2 hours, was enthusiastic runners extended to nearly 4 hours.

@ Zhang Yang

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vacated knees relaxed, with the swing arm body forward swing; />

inspiratory forward away from heel, find your waist to hip and knee position lock, maintain this position;

leg and knee just a supporting role don't kick, "font-size: style= />
where the knee to the foot when the foot which. Toe can hook, heel as far as possible from the ground. Coordination;; font size: "/span>


stride is leaning forward depends on the angle of the

stride (that is < span style = 14px line-height: 1.6: RGB 114, 109, 113);" > angle), rather than frequency. < = line-height: 1.6 14px color RGB (114, 109, 113); "> unused muscles relax smooth run. Style= color: "RGB

find their own rhythm is very important!

not long legs and run fast, the key control points, mainly in the legs, from hip to foot radius, and not the leg length to radius. Center of gravity.

Mazhou training 80-100 km, step by step is very important! Strength training should be carried out at intervals of 48 - 72 hours. ","; "(": ("";; font size:


motion deep squat, hold to jump, alternating legs < span style = color RGB (114, 109, 113); font size: 14px;" > < span style = color RGB (114, 109, 113); "> high leg lift (actually not leg lift, is under the foot) and jogging and riding.

stretch: around lunges tensile / O, < span style = "color RGB (114, 109, 113); font size: 14px;" > tuck squat, inhale and exhale to relax the waist, bow hand enough, breath will relax the waist and then down a little.

food: carbohydrate supplement, rice and steamed bread (glycogen) every day to eat fruit (fructose is good for the heart), milk (lactose supplement liver glycogen) water to supplement the small mouth, do not wait until thirsty.

game: half should than the first half fast to.

@ 11

follow Tong coach for the more comprehensive warm-up and practice, memories of sorting, for everyone to share, again and again after the transport used in training.

ankle joints: left standing, right foot toes point, right leg knee natural bending. Ankle clockwise 10 times. After the counter clockwise 10 times. In the same way.

knee joints: feet separate parallel with the shoulders, toes forward, both hands to help on his knees. Knees naturally bent, clockwise rotation 10 times. Then counter clockwise.

a waist: feet of natural standing, toes forward, before bending lying to maintain maximum, his hands as far as possible touchdown. Adjust the breathing, relax and continue to sink.

waist: feet side by side, squat hands tuck, to maintain a balance, the whole foot landing) to adjust breathing. Upper body close to the leg, the tail of the vertebral body to find the ground, the front of the cervical spine, head to find the ground. Biaxial tension. (":" "(" "(" "(" "

ligaments stretch lunge leg careful not to fibrillation. By breathing down. Keep the waist upright, tighten the core muscles.

, a high leg lift: active swing arm, active foot (not lift

2, squat jump: his hands behind, squat (the upper body as far as possible to keep it upright, squatting in the process of inside and outside the ankle don't turn), through knee buffer rebound leaping, leaping high to relax, toe landing - arch - the whole foot. (Note: knee emphasizes participation, knees save force and the buffer)
3, straddle alternating jump: natural stand, right leg to ready to. Alternating with two legs of the hands of the swing arm. With the exchange of alternating feet. (Note: the legs of the exercise to stay in a straight line, alternating feet down speed

@ Guo Huiliang

today is to come to Dalian for more than two years for the first time to participate in organized activities, there is a sense of finding the organization. Love the organization is very successful, but also very warm heart. Want to participate in more running group activities, and more exchanges. Tong good coach, the harvest is the biggest focus of drivers, after do, feel good. And relax, relax after the ground, to re experience. Although it is not the pursuit of speed, but with the speed of the old do not go on. Today the coach told Tong know the reasons, according to a speed of fatigue has been.

true sense Xie Aishang club and the activities of all the people pay, but also thanks to their own lucky to participate in this collective activity!

Tong Qiang coach is modest and interesting, listen to his explanation, as is said in the curious case of Benjamin Button, the word" hope you meet with your viewpoint different people ", today met! The coach said, "don't run so hard, so tired, so stupid."!" I like this sentence. I used to think to run in a marathon, the training process must be hard and will be honed through very difficult, of course, these I also do a good job of physical and mental preparation, but today his words awoke me, the running too stupid! At that time I just want to laugh, ha ha!

running should be a kind of enjoyment, happy to run, also, of course, enjoy the difficulty to embrace it!

heart to feel every step: (inspiratory drive heel leave the ground, leaning forward, natural swing arm, foot vacated when try to relax as much as possible, then exhale (foot to vigorously landing). />

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thank Tong coach on-site guidance, with run, interactive Q & A this is a really rare, practice, full of harvest. Let me understand that running to find their own rhythm is very important, rather than the pursuit of speed, marathon is a double test of endurance and speed. This guide has made me appreciate the true spirit of the runner.

sense thanks to the training camp of the photographer, we kept the one more full of memories.

to be a run friends gathering and training camps learning.

@ Wang Zongyi

Aishang Malaysian official training camp in the second period smoothly, the end of the! As a member of the club, see the training camp is in full swing proud! Each club leaders are trying to run a large coffee, teaching in training camp, the campers each full harvest. Borrowed words: Tong coach today to do their best! To be the best club!

(more than six runners, please contact background and receive love running club ready to give you a fine motion magic scarf. Style= box-sizing: "border-box >

thank everyone involved and listen to the running friends.

at the end of the course, you still refused to disperse, around the counseling and coaching.

< br />

after 4 hours of field teaching exchange, each run friends are fruitful and rewarding. Than the "full" is more important, it is the skill of digestion and absorption, used in < span style = "line-height: 25.6px; color RGB (255, 104, 39); font size: 16px; background-color: RGB (255, 255, 255);" > running practice and real guidance we run health, run happily.

thank Industrial Bank of the Malaysian training camp to give support. Third training camp activities will be released. Please pay close attention to "still running" WeChat public platform news release! Style= box-sizing: "border-box >

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