Retired officers report "divisional executives of state-owned enterprises must purchase"

State-owned enterprises executives divisional officer.

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were reported who Moumou recently this matter to "deep reading" (micro channel ID:shenduzhongguo) in response to a reporter said, he did sign the 41 sets of house purchase contract, because developers do not have to be delivered on schedule, has been sued and won, next step will of these houses auction. In the question answer "to buy a house needed large sums of money and income does not match" Moumou said: "don't say more than a thousand me a million. "

report state executive retired to his son the name purchase 41 Suites

recently, deep read" (micro channel ID:shenduzhongguo) reporter received a troop of Shenyang Military Region retired former divisional cadres Limin real name report said, "Huolinhe Coal Group Limited liability company executives Moumou, in 2009 January 21, the day, on behalf of two" 80 after "the son spend 12.8 million buy 41 sets of house, and the executives of state-owned enterprises identity and income do not match. "< public data show that Huolinhe Coal Group Company in Inner Mongolia Tongliao City, the local state-owned sole ownership company, the predecessor of Huolinhe Mining Bureau, the 94 state-owned one of key mining bureau, the five large open-pit mine is one of the.

2004 years and 9 months and China Power Investment Corporation of asset restructuring, the establishment of Huo Coal Group Company is the largest subsidiary company HuoMei group company. < Moumou served as Corporation Deputy General Manager of the Huolinhe mine integrated enterprise, Huolinhe Coal Group general counsel, CPI Huolinhe Coal Group Company supervisors will chairman.

Ren Limin also to the "deep reading" reporter provides the "Li" and "Li" signature 41 sets of the purchase contract and payment receipt. Which is written in the purchase of Li Jun, 20 copies of the purchase contract, "Li Mou" as a proxy signature has its own name. The remaining 21 copies of the purchase contract are "Li Xiao" signed.

Ren Li Min in an interview with reporters, said: "I do not know with Lee, had not seen. I have to report is the hope that the relevant departments to check what happened as clear as noonday, see? "

visited 40 Suites sold only one set of stay from live

4 April 22," deep reading "(micro channel ID:shenduzhongguo) came to the reporter, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia, Xar Moron street, aka flute and Xiao Qu interview found, the district is divided into a period and the second period, a total of 33 buildings, residential street below are shops, as well as part of the office.

the entire district has more than 2 thousand residents, in Tongliao City, the local community is a complete set of facilities. < p > reporter according to informants provided 41 copies of the purchase contract on display address, one by one to verify the discovery, which 40 houses were in the district one floor, No. 12, the house belongs to 6 storey residential, a total of six units, however, live for the present owner is not Li or Li Jun. < p > the community a 4 floor 1 unit 301 rooms, living Li Xiaojia people in this and subsequent LiXiao's wife told reporters confirmed the indeed the house property registered in the name of "Li".

red box is Li (a pseudonym) family now housing < according to residential property management staff introduction, currently the district one, building 12, 6 unit, shown in the purchase contract of "Li" and "Li" to buy the house, the owners that were not more than two people and "40 houses all sold out". < p > reporter then knocked Li Xiao purchase contract shows three residents of the home, the occupants have said "our house property card has got a hand", which a resident surnamed Wang said that the purchase of housing is not second-hand housing.

reporters also found that the purchase contract is displayed in the purchase of Li Jun house, the current real owners are not Li Jun himself.

all interviewed by the owners, and even do not know their own housing and "Li Xiao", "Li Jun" have any contact. < p > reporter learned by Tongliao City real estate bureau information query, the above report materials referred to in the 41 sets of real estate is not in the name of "Li" and "Li" purchase and record and most buyers have been handling real estate license.

whistleblowers: do a billion say I also have reporters

by State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the national enterprise credit information publicity system inquiries to the Moumou before retirement himself and his family had run companies. I also served as some of the company's legal representative or supervisor. < p > the family run company has a stake in a real estate company, Huolinhe Coal Group Co., Ltd. has invested the real estate company 240 million yuan. < p > reporter query to May 2010, the legal representative of the real estate company is a Wang people Moumou in the real estate company served as chairman of the board. March 2014, the legal representative of the change to Moumou, at this time the distance he retired just a few months.

Ren Limin to reporters to provide the purchase contract and report < letter to spend a thousand to two sons in the name of the property of a thing, Moumou said:" there is indeed a matter. In response to whether the huge purchase of housing and real income does not match the problem, it said: in 1983 I led the family business, the current brothers and sisters together with 11 companies, family members are shareholders. Purchase this thing, because I have to borrow money to developers. They didn't have the money to me, get repossessed house to me, but later they took the house to steal sold, I am money decline with, the house is declining. Later I sued to the court, the lawsuit won, the next step will be for these houses auction. Said to buy so many housing inconsistent with the actual income, not to mention a million, I a billion is & hellip; & hellip; "investigation of

a buy 41 Suites was actually a loan dispute caused by

deep reading" (micro channel ID:shenduzhongguo) reporter on May 21 afternoon from Chinese referee documents online learned Moumou accept reporter said the loan disputes is true. < p > the network included the verdict, the plaintiff "Li" and "Li" and the defendant in Inner Mongolia, Beijing two real estate developers in many years ago once because the formation of loan dispute litigation, the high court in Inner Mongolia to 2015 April 14, second trial decided in favor of plaintiff, the subject with the amount of principal 12.8 million yuan.

2015 in September 25,, the supreme law is the defendant in the original instance of appeal again to make "(2015) min Shen Zi No. 2042 civil ruling, dismissed the appeal of the defendant in the original instance, LiXiao, Li Jun eventually won. Currently the case has entered the implementation of the program. < p > reporter other from Tongliao City, the relevant departments was informed that the whistleblower alleged 41 sets of housing developers really in the purchase contract signed with the "Li" and "Li" sold again, and these houses developers also and the action of the defendant information perfectly.

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