M1 experience of the calf electric car trip, as well as wonderful repair experience

Wonderful work electric vehicle M1 calf

huxiuwang· 2016-05-23 06:49:48

if N1 is suitable for carrying the Dallas show loving couple, then M1 is for single men and women dog tailored. At 5.20 this is especially vulnerable to show affection and abused the day, if you love her, send her calf N1, if you do not love her, send her calf M1. Class= img_box "

why do you say so?

this calf M1 from April 27th to the present, I only have a full experience of three days, the rest of the time are in a state of communication and maintenance and idle. As for the maintenance process, as a result of more twists and turns, I put it in the last. < in accordance with established practice, I wasn't trying to through this experience the around your purchase decision, or do you base your decision, only will I experience it's true feelings are described and the advantages and disadvantages of it to show to consumers.

experience models: M1 urban yellow calf version, the official said a range of 80 km, is provided by the official

cattle technology experience route: College Road - Xinjiekou Street - Dianmen Avenue - Backstreet Gallery (the daily commute route

) special note: does not have any relationship with my calf, without my friends Dallas employees, clearly this is an important point of

< strong> the most satisfied improvement: cell re design of the

is the greatest feeling of battery the improvement. The first improvement, the power plug is more easy to plug, and N1 power plug is easy to plug, not easy to pull, cause I have to bend every time a long waist. < p > the second improvement is that every day, for example, I carry battery in the company or at home, charging and M1 cells rounded handle design to more comfortable than N1 soft rubber design, and not particularly Luo hand.

third improvement is the design of the battery body is more compact and three-dimensional, carry the time will not be like N1 with a thigh fight.

besides appearance design, because only suitable for single ride, so the whole body are more compact, especially behind the ass Alice was more sexy, unlike N1 dragging a big butt.

but also brings the problem, is not as good as the calf N1 then the character is obvious. Every time I rode N1 on the road, especially at the time of the traffic lights, next to the people always ask: "you ride this is the calf it?" How much do you pay for the calf? "& hellip; & hellip;

but I rode M1, except that compact and lightweight, really there is no prominent personality inside, although it from the side look more fashion movement, but from the back, especially to park it in a variety of electric cars next to the, not so prominent. < p > all in all, calf M1 design although improved a lot, but single version always lets a person feel some Xiaojiabiyu, not enough air, and one of our female colleagues, she in the calf M1 released before I asked the car when it launched, and when released, she saw the consequences of broken flower 6000 buy a car like a motorcycle electric vehicles, because she thinks the calf M1 wasn't cool enough to pull the wind.

other worth to say that the improved

in addition to the overall appearance, the other improvement is that M1 has a brighter LED display, regardless of day and night, the effect is better than N1. The key is that the added time display, this is actually when we ride just, such as 9 o'clock is the time to go to work, at 8:30 every morning I go out, to the company basically in 25-30 minutes, riding will always could not help but look at the time. When I ride a N1, I can't help but dig my mobile phone, but it makes it dangerous to ride. So M1 can display time is excellent. But there is a suggestion, can the time of the font larger and more prominent?

another improvement is the automatic recovery function of the steering lamp. It is when I turn the lights, turn the lights, it will automatically turn off the lights. N1 is, if you forget to turn off, people will always think that you have to turn the corner.

about color. Calf to send test. I strongly request to a Lamborghini yellow, but I put pictures of the car lost to companies in the group, we all feel that this is like the United States Mission delivery. And through comparing the real car, in fact the biue paragraph more fashionable and stylish and calves of the blue color is, look not too much publicity is not excessive kitsch. If you let me choose again, I will definitely choose the blue one.

several suggestions for improvement

finished good, say me some riding process found in some of the details of the problem:

1. parking stand is not steady enough, too upright, slightly uneven pavement have may let the car fell to the other side, because of its relative N1 is too light, and chassis was obviously less than that of N1 stability, center of gravity is too high.

2. the left hand brake is too soft, not urgent brake, and usually in the process of driving need to brake the left hand is more, so, for M1, both hands at the same time brake is the most safe approach. In contrast, the Mavericks N1 handbrake is well done. No

3. trunk and space under the transposon entirely to the battery that even the chargers didn't abuse Hunan, which is a big problem, one of my colleagues to work a one-way distance of 25 km and 50 km, every day need to charge (one-way power down 40%, and when more than 20% of electricity speed dropped to a stall speed left, 20 km /), so there is no trunk is a big problem. But the Mavericks also thought of a trick, you can spent 399 yuan alone to buy a trunk, it is tantamount to will be a complete car apart to sell, euphemistically called "calf around". Class= img_box "

4. "content_img_p" transmission can become more scientific. The current transmission is on the left side down to 1 speed, according to the right side of the highest speed, that is, 2. But for riding, it is inconvenient to rely on the thumb to press the left down speed. A more scientific design should be, only on the right side (from the nearest finger), click is 1 files, and then click to change 2 … … so the switch is more convenient, and is not easy to make mistakes.

twists and turns of the maintenance of the trip

finished above the normal experience, said about the M1's maintenance trip. Timeline: at noon

4 June 27

, delivery master open Jinbei sent the car yellow calf M1 version of the city. Actually 26 brought over time, but because I was playing in Chengdu, so the time delayed a day, would also like to thank the electric cattle technology so Shangxin. In the afternoon I install hood and rear view mirror, the results have a hood of the screw nail factory when screwed too dead, that finally screwed bad never opened, then contact the calf, the Mavericks sent a master come to repair.

4 month 27-4 month 29 days

this three days basically is the normal riding test, the above experience basically also is these three days.

4 month 30 days -5 2 days

this three days is the May Day holiday, no cycling, the calf M1 on the downstairs for three days.

5 month 3 days -5 month 4 days

May Day holiday to work on the first day, the end of the morning on duty, about 11 o'clock to go out, riding the time to find that no gas. At that time, I think there are two possibilities, one is which guy mischief, deliberately to bleed; one is, car was stuck, but then I took a careful look did not find the tire is pricked the traces. Later, I found a place to play on the car ride to the gas company.

then I will give this issue back to the Mavericks staff. At 10 in the evening and more ready to go home to ride the calf M1, found that the rear tire and no gas. The next day with the Mavericks to communicate, the other side also help contact customer service, contact the maintenance staff.

5 month 13

5 month 5 - May 9, Hugh annual leave, come back after the very busy the last few days, May 11, contact the Mavericks employees, ask each other when find someone to repair, helped arrange.

by "cow students I know, calf M1 is vacuum tire tires, not needing an inner tube, which means that if tire rolling, only to change the tire.

later found that decisive and no gas. Then entered a busy week, did not manage the M1, every day as usual riding a calf N1 on and off work.

5 20

is also today at noon, I again contact the "cow", "Niu classmate" told me to go to the shop repair, said there is a ready-made tire. I rode the Mavericks M1 from the company about 1 km above the Emma electric car maintenance, do not see the cow classmates ", Emma electric clerk said simply unaware, and told me not M1 tire, need to transfer goods. I later to the shop assistant to see the "cow classmate" phone number, ask the other person to call me, you see is not your shop? "The clerk said no, do not know.

later I calls "Niu students" questioning, "Niu students" not to mention this sort of thing, began to change the subject that he put in a call to the Mavericks technical staff, technical staff said, send me test car, tire rolling the replacement words need to be at their own expense (original calf employees with me said Mavericks take this part of the cost), in fact, since not at their own expense is not important, look down.

I then let Emma's maintenance personnel to help me see after the tire in the end did not tie the tie, the other side to help me carefully check that no tie, I asked why the other side of the leak, the other said I do not know. < I put calf M1 ride back, continue to be placed outside the 77 theater, to make it into a static scenery, I'm going to no longer to repair it to waste a minute of time, calf staff said, give me for a car, but I think the experience of the car has been to wrap the. I wish that this was my case, not a universal phenomenon.

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