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19 evening, an alarming incident happened to Liu Yifei.

video from the point of view, the scene between Liu Yifei and fans no security isolation, to the interactive link, Liu Yifei active leaned over to the second row took the fans present, no any preparedness.

imagine, Liu Yifei fans will have more sad eyes, see their own idol before the attack, it will not only give Liu Yifei fans to leave a shadow, but also a psychological impact;

imagine the scene security weak, if not strong hold down, but the acid attack with the sword?

is now the media card fan card cattle trafficking rampant, the event is very easy to sneak into the evil man.

is likely to be a moment of things, a female star of the cause of the show is completely destroyed.

sister think, don't sweat from behind a bad fairy sister.

focus: who is the man? What is Liu Yifei's injury?

video about circulated widely in micro-blog at 22:10, Liu Yifei was # down # quickly boarded the topic list. Class= img_box "

is most concerned about than Liu Yifei's injury. Liu Yifei when the film the return of the condor heroes because hanging Avia too much with spondylitis (another argument is cervical vertebra disease). Such a fall, really make people very worried.

22:47, about in a video circulated for half an hour, the Movie Official micro issued a statement. Response to the speed of the fast, but also beyond the imagination of the younger sister, always feel that because the investigation clearly out of response.

response about so several points:

1. insist man is too excited fans. Little girl is very strange, the man was taken away by the police after the investigation, only half an hour to get a clear is a fan?

2. Liu Yifei was not injured. This conclusion, the little girl was feeling too hasty, go to the hospital to check it, check the results out? So quick to make sure you don't get hurt?

3. called for rational Starchaser, used to protect to return the support of idol. (read a point like fans often said, far away idol life a little, closer to her works can understood as called on fans to support the Liu Yifei's new movie?) < then again reporter to connect the night Peacock "propaganda, the person said, Yifei now mood" contrary to expectations stable, mental state fortunately; although she did it hit my head, but not so for medical treatment. On the other side of the

, Liu Yifei's agent (blue head) further confirms that Liu Yifei is currently in the body. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" and then broke the news that there is a staff pad under the Liu Yifei, was not injured. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" did not hurt the news finally let everyone rest assured, but the argument of ultra fans has led to the dissatisfaction of the fans.

22 "content img P" 54, Liu Yifei, forwarding said in a statement, Guangzhou incident pot we fans.

reporter contacted the president of the Liu Yifei fans backing, the other said "the man is abnormal, not the media said the excited fans, we also family back the pot!"

fans of the logic is very good understanding, that Liu Yifei suffered raid, the responsibility of the security issues in the side of the party, rather than Liu Yifei fan groups in the presence of such a metamorphosis fans.

2:47 this morning, the film side Guanwei re issued a statement to update the progress of the event. Said the perpetrators claiming to be Liu Yifei fans for many years, rushed to the stage is in order to Liu Yifei confession, with her to make a friend".

"content_img_p" but the little girl found that there is a marketing broke the news. ">

" "" ""; and ">

img" content "; abnormal close, but the man is not what radical fans a mental disorder patients caused by broke the news that the man from the third kind of love) has a few degrees trailing Liu Yifei, there has been no contact opportunities, and stations in Guangdong and Liu Yifei a few steps away, the spirit of & hellip < < p class =" img box "id =" ID Id_imagebox_20 style = "='>

"content_img_p" and coincidentally, the last few days, Liu Yifei and Song Seung's relationship has been turned out again.

in a new round of is after the breakup, SSH also in micro Bo advertising for his girlfriend works and the film. Really have to make people suspect that all kinds of behavior are in the presence of a sense of anger brush for the new film.

to tell the truth, the younger sister is not willing to so dark to doubt others, also from the scene analysis, if you want to speculation, as long as go hug Liu Yifei, there is no need to the fell so serious. But from Liu Yifei to enter to the big screen in the past promotional period of view, fairy sister because of speculation film back blame, has more than once.

2008, Liu Yifei from the screen into the big screen, the first film with Jackie Chan, Jet Li co starred in the Hollywood film "the king of Kung Fu", in the film as the female one Jin Yanzi. Liu Yifei himself suddenly heard speculation " no rival " and two Kung Fu heavyweight; reports, then the rumor.

2011 years filming the Hongmen banquet ", Liu Yifei is the first heroine. The results quickly released when transferred to play for delete, draws hot debate. Then denied the full delete, saying the contents of the deletion, the length is not clear. Suspected hype.

12 the, Dongjak Taiwan ", film group take Liu Yifei" spanned since the largest scale "do propaganda, suspected speculation.

last year "the third kind of love" promotional period, Liu Yifei SSH public affair has also been suspected to is with love movie Bo attention. But whether it is not hype, these are not for the movie box office and Liu Yifei's screen to bring any help to break. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" DISCUSSION: forward video is the two time to hurt? Threw himself # event that has just happened when my sister noticed a phenomenon

# Liu Yifei, fans have called for video do not forward Yifei, to avoid secondary damage caused by the idol.

spread the video is what will not to Liu Yifei damage, little sister think does not.

first, video of Yifei not disheveled, embarrassed, just some people feel hurt. So there is no distortion of image of her photos widespread, or further discredit; < secondly, the stars were hit, Liu Yifei is never the case and necessarily have occurred, more important doesn't need to hide, but the courage to stand up, perverted justice Ephraim, and this caused the social attention on this phenomenon of the entertainment industry, to prevent recurrence of similar incidents cause harm to other female stars.

Han suffered male fans hold strong and frightened.

"content img P" actress Meng Qian in the recording off talk show "Lady quack" was a passion male fans hit the chest.

Lady Gaga has in the show was "robbing".

Luhan recently been cattle car chase fan chats exposure, claimed to be able to rub to Luhan's car, to 2000 reward, crazy degree macabre.

and these and not everyone casually called star write protection can be prevented, think of Mei, most need to do is make every illegal acts to justice of law, absolute neglect of this behavior and connivance.

this is the right way to open an idol, do you think?

attention: it is not the first time Liu Yifei suffered

finally, the little girl would like to talk about the fairy sister Liu Yifei ~ in this case, it really is the capital of love.

a lot of people like Liu Yifei, first of all because of the yen. Liu Yifei once said: she is the most ugly home. Mom and grandma are very beautiful aunt, the world's most beautiful 100 people, three consecutive years on the list, ranked seventy-seventh last year.

entertainment comes with Fairy Spirit of female star is not much, but Liu Yifei absolute claim. No feast of plastic surgery rumors, no scandal love, early played Zhao lin'er, Wang Yuyan, maid and a series, with clear water lotus, dye to the carving of beauty, became the goddess in the hearts of a generation of otaku.

secondly, family education well. Liu Yifei from debut suffered harm Godfather message, but there is no denying that the mother to protect her and education, let her lady fan children, less many female stars who felt climb roll dozen dust and gas.

another people who hard! TV drama films over the years, Liu Yifei in the entertainment circle have the titles of the "female version of Olivia" ~ what to shoot, what ~

to playing the lute, Pipa; in order to play a good maid, painstakingly practicing sword, only to find out in the end their daoqiangjianji eighteen talent complete and clearly can rely on face to eat is to rely on talent to eat.

is because Liu Yifei "not anthropophagi firework" unique temperament, * * * over the years has been the subject of troubled & hellip; < early, a extras self exposure in 2005 film "shendiaoxialv" during, Liu Yifei for harassment. A shooting "hero of the general assembly," the play: play "maid" Liu Yifei is a group of "Gai disciple" throwing up high, through the slow motion playback can clearly see, a "black hand" suddenly from Liu Yifei under the right arm stretched out, touch the her right chest, then quickly retracted. " groping " post is to apologize. < p > the return of the Condor Heroes director tvede m said, and whether the identity is true or false. This time he while claiming to apologize, but in fact stir fry long bygone events, only to speculation. Class= img_box "

2011, Jilin Taiwan a blind date, a mysterious male guests, claiming to be Liu Yifei's ex boyfriend. Liu Yifei said he promised two talents daozhui. And then by the net friend poking a lie.

2014, Liu Yifei was wearing deep V purple dress appeared a venue, attracted strange man melee fierce clap chest, revealing awkward expression.

who have at present still insist every day for Liu Yifei told jokes spoony male fans & hellip; in SSH recognize love Liu Yifei had terminated the joke, then continue & hellip;

and so many years of ups and downs, Liu Yifei also grow the many, showing the strong respect for my little sister.

whether there is no use, little sister still want to call a time, love also includes restraint, so, love your idol, and she maintained a graceful distance.

appreciate support her work, and to enjoy the power of human progress, let oneself become more outstanding people in life, is the return on their best of ~

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