Man was card fraud 200 thousand Unicom maximum compensation 20 thousand

Unicom omissions man RMB

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< p > \ \ every reporter Sun Jiaxia internship reporter Igor Sechin, < p > in recent years, "fill card fraud" the new telecommunications fraud means more and more. At the beginning of this year with this method cheated 20 million yuan Shanghai Zhu sued China Unicom a case on May 20 in a Shanghai court to. < p > "daily economic news" reporter from participation in trial the plaintiff Mr. Zhu was informed, trial in China Unicom although admitted negligence, but also put forward "the plaintiff may even is with the suspect collusion" argument, in the mediation of the proposed maximum compensation 20000 yuan. In this regard, the reporter contacted China Unicom, but as of press time did not respond. Unicom related staff also said that the case inconvenience to comment. < p > Mr. Zhu told reporters that Unicom lawyers also had asked him to delete the relevant micro Bo, he deleted after the other party has no response, a few months through a variety of channels for complaints are also disappear forever.

according to the reporter, in recent years, similar cases are not uncommon, and after a number of procedural results of Mr. Zhu is not optimistic. < p > Unicom: admit work omissions < earlier this year, Mr. Zhu Shanghai people are people with fake ID fill card section code, the investment bank under the name of nearly 20 million yuan was transferred out of. After months of rights to no avail, recently Mr. Zhu will China Unicom Shanghai Branch told the court, the case on May 20 in Shanghai Pudong court formal hearing, the plaintiff Mr. Zhu told reporters that defendant China Unicom Shanghai Branch, to use virtual fake id your phone card for the re, and to send the China Merchants Bank online banking login and transfer the required verification code, to others provides should provide their services in the suspect, argues that China Unicom has been in default, and a violation of the Ministry of industry operators to protect user privacy requirements.

Zhu said that the defendant, China Unicom's statement in court to make it difficult to accept. Unicom company lawyers think, Id do exist degaussing, sometimes the user's own also don't know Id be demagnetized. To handle the business when it was discovered that, this time you can only rely on the staff to the naked eye judgment true or false of ID card. In this case, criminal suspects claimed identity card degaussing, therefore, Unicom staff not through public security network system to identify the authenticity, work omissions in the artificial recognition.

"the suspect use of false identity card on the address, validity and my ID card is not the same, the photo is another person and size is obviously too large. Zhu believes that China Unicom's staff made such a mistake is not understand. < p > let Mr. Zhu can not accept, Unicom's lawyer also believes that, first of all to achieve Mr. Zhu of China Merchants Bank online banking transfer requires not only SMS verification code, also need to login password and pay a password, is Mr. Zhu your login password and pay a password leakage leads to be transferred out of the money, and the suspect know plaintiff bank card password is the matter that doubts, even may be the plaintiff and the suspect collusion. Secondly, the verification code message is sent through China Unicom, but China Unicom is just a communication platform, should not assume responsibility.

for this statement, Mr. Zhu said, he was insulted. At the same time, the plaintiffs' lawyers believe that: the suspect knows Mr. Zhu's password but did not go to the bank teller, because the suspect knows that the bank's management is much more stringent than Unicom business hall. In other words, if not Unicom SMS verification code to be sent to the hands of the suspects, even if Mr. Zhu's password is known all over the world, but no SMS verification code, Mr. Zhu's money is still safe. Unicom Company in cooperation with the bank for many years, it is not possible to unaware of the message authentication code of the importance, it should play the role of a "gatekeeper".

after the court mediation, China Unicom, said the lawyer, willing to give Mr. Zhu up to 20 thousand yuan compensation, the specific amount has to negotiate with the leadership. Zhu said that the whole trial came down to China Unicom did not show the slightest apology, it is difficult to accept this amount. < ultimately, the court announced to give both sides a month time for mediation. If the mediation fails, the case will be in a month after the future retrial.

parties: micro-blog activist was asked to delete posts

waiting for the police investigation at the same time, Mr. Zhu has begun his own way of rights. Mr. Zhu said that after the incident, the Unicom business hall manager and UniCom of Qingpu District, Shanghai, a leadership had contact with their, but the police intervened, Mr. Zhu can get feedback then just the matter has been referred to China Unicom, the Ministry of justice, in addition to no news.

in March this year, Mr. Zhu found lawyers were sent to China Unicom and China Merchants Bank sent a letter to the lawyer, and began to help in the circle of micro-blog and friends.

Zhu told the daily economic news reporter, China Unicom lawyers asked Mr Chu will micro-blog deleted, delete before you can talk. But after Mr. Zhu deleted micro-blog, the lawyer also asked Mr Zhu to delete the circle of friends related information, Zhu think circle of friends is their private space, refused to delete. Since then, China Unicom will no longer have the following.

Zhu also through the Consumer Association, the Ministry of industry, the mayor hotline and other ways to make a complaint, but the feedback is the matter has been transferred to China unicom. < p > let Mr. Zhu angry, each branch of China Unicom is the robot voice service told Mr. Zhu complaints have been received, and Mr. Zhu found his mobile phone number from 2016 January 1 to January 6, call details of a single can not query the.

"it feels like no one's there for me. "This is Mr. Zhu's own rights through the summary. Eventually after a few months, Mr. Zhu will be China Unicom Shanghai branch court.

in fact, in the past two years, this card cutting code of fraud is not uncommon. In early May, Zhang Xinyu, a flight attendant himself suffered card card interception code fraud, the suspect almost take the same means, resulting in the loss of 150 thousand yuan. In Xi'an, Liuzhou and other places have also appeared in a similar case, but the results were adverse to the plaintiff. < p > in this regard, the smell of the legal department of the law firm Internet executive director Wang Weiwei think, whether suspects are to fake a temporary ID card or a true identity, the operators have the audit business is master himself the true meaning of the expression of the obligation. If there is no obligation to verify, it should bear the main civil liability.

with the development of Internet technology, especially the development of network payment technology, mobile phone and verification code has become more and more important. Telecom operators in the card on the part of the omissions frequently used by the criminals, resulting in the loss of the property. In this case, the telecom operators can strengthen the protection measures, standardized management, for the user to put a good clearance is particularly important.

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