Du Hong, 57 degrees below zero

The company the company commander Zhuoma Jess Zhang post

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< p > < strong > minus 57 DEG C feelings

< p > - Li Xian < p < p align = "center" >

< p > from the regimental headquarters Moore Road, GA to Wood River protection even distance is 340 km, the flight to half an hour, high-speed rail travel about one and a half hours, highway driving for more than two hours. Wood River the road leading to, US, took nine hours, and you in this way, but with the life time... < p > you are anti company commander duhong Inner Mongolia Military frontier regiment Wood River, December 30, 2015, in the execution of a task, unfortunately from the cliff drop. In the last hint of sun, his comrades found you, your body has been frozen, Yin blood red snow...... < p > 4 months, this piece of land, most of the local is spring, and we, but all the way to the north, across the vast mountains, facing the snow all over the sky, toward the border line of, only to follow your footsteps, to see if that is how the land make you so fascinated, and I want to for the perplexed heart looking for an answer.


when we came here, it is a setting sun, like the day when you go. Hope you to the path, I seem to see the you 18 years old to join the army, the requirement to a face of the wood River firmly; also like to see the 60th anniversary of your national day through Tiananmen Square, and the face of proud, you said: I was on behalf of the wood River's soldiers to accept the inspection of the motherland; also see you are scattered in the posts, ammunition depots, training field, greenhouse vegetables every corner of figure......

13 years, this is a what kind of place, let you love 13 years.

and every family phone, you said Yimuhe not only has a poetic name, and picturesque scenery. The journey is distant, elderly parents, never been here, his wife Zhang Qian only to Wood River, but also because of heavy snow blocked the regimental headquarters.

let the tears dry, could not bring back you...... "To pick up my baby's time, just know that place is poor, this baby in that place bitter ah, I do not know his 13 years is how to boil over. I said your jobs come back, he said he did not come back, he left the place." Du to the father, looking at where you stayed, Laolei freely, this really have you say beautiful Ergun River, the vast expanse of the forest and the birch forest in small post... But you never said, it's cold and lonely.

but you clearly have gone, how to come back? < p > in 2007, you rise as a cadre of the day before, a soldier advise you: "monitor, you in this place to stay the 4 years the, I wish you graduate to a big city." And your heart, also hope what time can you come back. When you return to the graduation assignment insisted Yimuhe, you said: "the Yimuhe is my home, back at ease."

this house, you stay, it is 8 years. < p > 2015, you have in the post of commander of the dry for 5 years, and was awarded the second work, companies have repeatedly been rated as advanced, in line with the promotion of deputy battalion commander of the. After the familiar comrades asked you a what job would you most like? You can be a little modest, said: "my favorite is the deputy commander." Others ask you, why the authorities do not go? You said: "our battalion still Yimuhe yard, how good! Here is the same as my home, let me go, it is a bit reluctant."

every time you enter from the Yimuhe 95 km card station will tinkling se to cry, and go home! Each time you go to the regimental headquarters or return from vacation, always like to shun to the home purchase something new, sometimes to the regiment sent food to the thermal insulation lunch box, sometimes rotary mop, something more to buy more, invoice is not a. The sergeant chase you to the invoice, you can put a hand: "buy things at home I give, what newspaper accounts." Careless of you, made no secret of his own to the family of "possessive", to call his wife, always cannot forget proud to blow a few words: "I also have a house and a car, the room is our regiment was a new building, the car is in our yard parked patrol car!"

home, is a person's life obsession. You the age of 18 to the wood River, where the grass, brick by brick, witnessed you from a boy to a man's change, grow, is not home? But you love this family too much, love let us who have never thought that you will always be here in such a way......


said: "in the Yimuhe, the most valuable is money." Here, there is no street noise, no scene of debauchery...... Only can resist the long lonely is officers and men of the thick, feeling, this feeling, pure like the vast mountains in the contamination is not dust snow.

but, you go on that day, we still use the world's most popular way to express this feeling. You leave after the first day, scattered in all over the country more than 130 comrades spontaneous you built a micro channel Memorial group, called "Wood River monument". A family of extreme poverty in Shanxi veteran warrior donated 1000 yuan, other comrades said: "your home, your mind commander know." The soldier said: "home again the poor and commander sacrifice is different." < p > I know, you have to in the words, must blame you squandering money, a few days before you go, just after the 31 year old birthday, we should give you a cake, you don't let, don't waste, and finally had to give you cook two packets of instant noodles and two fried eggs. I made a night's dream ",

and dream of the morning came and told me to go out the horse and he. Until the reveille sounded, I still unwilling eyes, I think, as long as in a dream, the commander will always in my life. " Sergeant Zhang Li, 16 years old to be a soldier, you are his boot monitor, later became his platoon leader, company commander. < p > in 2007 a near the Spring Festival evening, Zhang Li lying in bed how also can not sleep, mind is daytime CCTV to record the barracks happy New Year "to the parents wish scene, the first cast, could not help but sob. Sleep in a bunk you, suddenly to put the quilt over to Zhang Li pulled down, said: "smelly boy, roll down, and I sleep!" Two big men, on a single bed, Zhang Li in your arms, asleep, he said: "the person's life, the key moment is so a few, with the right people, also on the way to the road." Zhang Li could not help with tears in the eyes...... These things, these feelings, like a nail in the heart, pull out, pain, do not pull out, but also hurt.

meet you, every one of the soldiers is Yimuhe lucky. Training, you see the soldiers loose shoelace, like leaned over, help them in tight a tight; warrior kaoxue, the length of more than km of ice a package to the road is blocked, you with a pickaxe, ice shovel, carrying dry rations, planing to go all the way, he sent out; checked the house in the evening, you quietly carry a new pair of boots, for a soldier on the soles of the feet worn a hole in the boots, up to now, everybody does not know you is how I found out.

you often say: "the soldiers are Yimuhe, baby."

brothers request to send you the last one. His wife holding your portrait, Zhang Li holding you in the ashes, take you home. You don't have children, Zhang Li as you used to. Is more than Zhang Li, all Yimuhe soldiers are your brothers, your loved ones......