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< p > games such as friends, some because for many years apart and forgotten, while others may because of old age and the more fragrance, childhood partners, primary school friends, when arcade, Internet cafes, now in your memory also left many? Those when the smash hit, is now gradually fade out of the player's view a nine other games, do not know before screen do you remember how many? Every era of each area will have a phenomenal products, love today Xiaobian game to take stock of what online games industry who smash hit a liar!

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and you, this is to use the rope life in the play! For your dedication to the point of praise, to learn from you. China MMOPRG game love theme is always

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martial arts, and" JX "undoubtedly is one of the most popular player Martial Arts Games. From the beginning of the stand-alone version, to later, the network version, has attracted numerous like martial arts theme of the game players, and Jian Wang 3 can be said is the pinnacle of domestic MMORPG online games. By the Jinshan Xishan Ju development of "JX online version of the three" in 2009 the official beta, on the first day of 150 million registered users also illustrates the game in that high popularity. Exquisite picture, unique the meridian system, and in the game contains elements of Chinese culture, reflects the game was sophisticated production standards, to show players a magnificent, magnificent, colorful Datang world. Although there are many WOW games in the shadow, but undeniable Jian Wang three was one of the most outstanding domestic MMOPRG game. If we say that "one sword, walks the rivers and lakes, enqiu" is the world of martial arts fans, Jian Wang 3 gave them such a world. Influence: domestic martial arts landmark works of martial arts, to show the world the level of production of Chinese games, known as the Chinese WOW". At the same time was also considered to be the largest proportion of female players of the game.

9. KartRider (March 2006)

actually racing online games can really fire up also is less, like the racing world "," light speed ", Crazy Racer these games have been a smash hit, but the decline very quickly down, only a product has been strong now. That is to say the following, produced by South Korea's NEXON kart ". The author thinks that the reasons for such a long time, the fire has three points. First is the classic cartoon image, in the enclosure before the BNB "characters already thorough popular feeling, the role of preserved egg, baby believe that a lot of people are familiar with, but also very popular with a lot of girls welcome. The second is good gameplay and map set, in addition to racing outside, prop mode also gave the opportunity to play the trick cycling player, than the average pure racing game adds a lot of joy. And on the map, covering the town, desert, forest, glacier, mines, cemeteries and other follow-up also launched a Longhang Chinese fairy tale kingdom version, on the map of obstacles, traps and route design is also in line with the scene. The third is the good operation feeling, enclosure of drift, including who, valved skills are rhythm strong operation, compared to the recently unveiled the "need for speed ol" "zero drift car" feel don't know how many times better. Influence: break through the limit online MMO style, now can also be said to be racing kind the net swims the most successful works, introduced to China before, in South Korea has been very unpopular. On the run after also appeared a lot of racing games, but in the end did not reach the height of running. Crossing

8. FireWire CF (2008.07)

FPS always all is a classic and by many internationally popular game mode, from the earliest Thor's hammer to the later of the half life series to CS is popular all over the world. These games I believe everyone has played or heard something. So what is the most successful FPS game in China? There seems to be only one answer, that is, "through the line of fire" (CF). Although there are a lot of people spray CF picture is poor, the gun is not balanced, but still can not stop it fire up. Probably starting in 2010, CF began gradually popular, sweep the other FPS games, sit tight in the domestic FPS games a brother in the seat. Internet cafes everywhere you can see people playing CF, even now in the Internet cafes are almost all LOL and CF players. But I believe that the reader is the most impressive master should be the first CF propaganda slogan three hundred million Mouse dream of a gun". This sentence seems to have become a a terrier, often can see all the live site barrage with "300 million" rhythm, many subsequent Games slogan also draws on this sentence. In fact, I think first CF vigorously publicize "ghost mode" is really fun, but later many visible external destroy this mode. Anyway, if you are now just to join the new CF, I advise you to buy 888 hero weapons pressure Yajing. Influence: China's most successful FPS online games. Also in recent years, the most profitable Tencent in a game, in South Korea and Southeast Asia also have servers. With the good use of the Tencent and the user group, is currently one of the world's most profitable game.

7. hero alliance lol (2011.09)

talked about hero alliance (LOL), the game since it appeared after is dota between rhythm and constantly, on both sides of the internationally is often on the Internet each tear force. But it can not be denied, LOL the class DotA game, or MOBA game to a new height. LOL optimized the operation of the DotA, the abolition of a number of complex settings, you can let the new into the game faster, so to attract a large number of new players into the game. Coupled with the strong promotion of Tencent, LOL in China is almost a game for young people to know. 2014 given the official data from the point of view, lol global maximum simultaneous online has exceeded 750 million, global, active up to 27 million, global monthly activity has reached 67 million, registered hundreds of millions of users, far exceeding the wow classic game. Both at home and abroad, LOL has become one of the most popular and influential online games in the world. At the same time, LOL has promoted the development of the global electronic athletics. S4 data show that the global finals in 2014 is the most watched eSports project. There are 11.2 million fans watching at the decisive moment of SSW and sh Royal, during the world finals, audience total viewing time more than 1 billion 79 million hours, created the record with new gaming circles, also let E-sports has been paid more attention by more and more people. Influence: DOTA after the most successful of a MOBA game. At present, the world's highest number of online games, but also to promote the development of electronic sports. , strictly speaking,

6. DotA1 (2006)

"journey", the most successful is that its business model - free with purchase. Although it is not the first to use this mode of the game, but it can be said to be the most successful one. The game in just a few months time to do it at the same time online 70W people above the height, breaking the "legend" to maintain a record of 4 years. Is this game to online games concept for the first time zone in front of you, to let the human eye is one of light, the national war games momentum bursts. Million people with the service, the state of the collision between the state and the passion of the scene so that the shock of human. Not only that, automatic routing, automatic play strange and other functions also get a lot of players love. Of course, the game is also a long period of time is considered to be the most expensive game, but also allows a lot of vendors to see the free game is actually more profitable. Had to say, "journey" in addition to the success of the game itself, but also to seize the human nature of greed and vanity, so that people press the button again and again, the RMB into a sense of satisfaction in the game. Influence: national war games originator, from the background of the game set to characters and equipment modeling, can be said to be a designed for Chinese players to create the game, by the people welcome. With this purchase and free of charge mode still influences many Mobile Games and other types of online games.

4. Mu miracle 2002.09

if "legend" opened a new chapter in China's online games of the era, then "Mu miracle" game no doubt it will pushed it to a new height. "Miracle MU" by South Korea more than the official authority of the game agency named the best online game in 2001. In China this game also award praise, fine character, delicate picture let it in the "legend" dominate the world as its commander of network game. The Dragon suit, the Holy Spirit Wings, xuanbing sword, black dragon wave, red fortress, red square. I believe that these words will bring back a lot of old players are the first memories. At that time, the "miracle MU" equipment and skills of the dazzling effect is not comparable to other online games. At the same time, the miracle is also an important system to carry forward, and that is to strengthen, plus 11 after 16 such equipment I believe that each player is a dream. Although some online games, including legend also reinforces the notion, but with enhanced can change the appearance of the equipment online, at that time which is a miracle, the systemic and 11 of that effect is also very cool. And to strengthen the concept of change in the appearance of the follow-up is also widely used in many online games. But as WAR3 in Alsace Laodie of that sentence his son said "no eternal kingship". Miracle in private servers and other types of games under the impact, but also gradually fade out of people's attention. In April 2012, the ninth city to national service "Mu miracle" of the right to operate over to Shanghai in science and technology, thus wow and miracle two handfuls of 9 cities belt to the top of the game have changed hands. Influence: at that time, the highest level of production in South Korea reflects the game process is simple, gorgeous screen, very consistent with the tastes of Chinese players to capture a large number of players. At the same time also laid the ninth cities in the game market position at that time. What is the

3. world of Warcraft 2005.04

the best MMORPG games? I believe the players will have a different answer. But "World of Warcraft" is definitely one of the answers. This game in 2005 to enter the Chinese market, to the Chinese online games has brought no small impact. At that time, internationally for Blizzard impression still stay in war3, the popularity of interstellar and D2 at the time far less war3, as Blizzard's first real online games, wow and did not let it fans disappointed expectations. Peak period of the WOW global pay more than 10 million, a unique copy of the system, professional settings, but also to follow the game to follow. As the game's largest revenue region of China, WOW agent operations in China is not smooth. After a harmonious, backward, replacement agent and other events, after the game to the NetEase in the future regardless of the quality of service or version update has a more obvious upgrade. Now the game has gone through 5 pieces of information, 12 years of operation, still stands proudly in the various MMORPG games. Can be said that in the author's mind, "World of Warcraft" is the best MMORPG, those AFK friends, remember the first time into the storm when the marvel? Remember when fighting together in Heishishan teammates? Believe that friends will always play in this game has its own memories, this is a world. Because influence: Blizzard's most successful online game, but also one of the world's most successful online games. Created a new model of the MMO game, which affects almost all of the MMO games.

2. Fantasy Westward Journey (2003.12)

as Netease game anti Ting, "dream swims on the west" May is currently is the most successful turn based game the. Game to the people known as the "journey to the west" as the background, with the Q version of style, to attract the different levels, different ages of the players to join them. Not only that, the game also hit the highest more than 200 online high popularity. I do not know the dream of the old players remember yourself in the game to earn cards, to the title of imperial examination stop in the online search time? The game has been nearly 12 years, but there are still a lot of game player is still active in the "Fantasy Westward Journey" in the world. Influence: the peak of China made online games. Q Meng style so that it can be accepted by the vast number of user groups, the new play has also affected the follow-up of a lot of turn based games.

1. legend of MIR (2001.09)

"legend", as its name, this game in China's online games market writing the A to belong to own legend. Developed by South Korea's entertainment virtue MMORPG game "legend" in 2001 in mainland China, the official operation, in which the game is scarce, the game has attracted a large number of players. At the same time also created a Chinese agent at the time, a grand game of the most brilliant era. In August 2002, less than a year's time, "the legend" at the same time the number of online breaking through the 100 thousand, and officially changed its name to the "Legend of blood". July 2003, the grand launch of the 1.76 new version of the legend of the blood, reload, this version as a supplement and optimization 1.75, but also the day after numerous players recognized the pinnacle of the legend. Today, the number 1.76 mentioned, I believe it makes numerous legendary old game player who excited. But with the subsequent versions of the lack of sincerity, the impact of the illicit take, outside hang, and various types of game, legend will gradually become lonely. Influence: the founder of China's modern online games. Follow up a lot of domestic games have draw on some of the legend of the play and creativity. Its IP still has no small influence now. (think of Chi Chung Lam, big brother B...)

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