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< p > two years ago millet, led by Internet phone with low cost high exposure of the advantages of online, to "price" as a selling point, the successful acquisition of a large number of users, millet for several consecutive years become domestic smartphone shipments up brand, Internet phone brand like are springing up continuously emerge.

in 2016, intelligent mobile phone market a sudden change in the situation. Despite the launch of a series of millet flagship thousand machine market, red rice 3, red rice Note3, the flagship of the market in the end of the millet 4S and high-end flagship mobile phone millet 5. But according to the statistics of many market research institutions, millet phone Q1 shipments ranked in Samsung, apple, HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo, actually fell out of the top five. Even more incredible is that the price has always been a selling point of millet phone actually lost has always been regarded as a high priced low with the OPPO/vivo two brothers.

the same situation also appears in another mainstream Internet phone brand meizu. Although Meizu in April 2016 and even open three conference, launched Meizu PRO6, Charm Blue Note3, charm blue three new machines, but the extent of the online conference's popular and no feedback to the specific sales. Mobile Internet upstart music, as though with a "free hardware" slogan attracted many eyeballs, and announced that this year depending on the phone to sell 15 million units, but in fact in real life depending on the phone is not common.

is what led to the collective silence of the Internet phone brand in 2016, the industry generally believe that China's demographic dividend is no longer, the smart phone market tends to be saturated. But from Huawei, oppo, vivo three domestic brands sales gone against the tide of rising can also be found that the domestic mobile phone users to choose to buy mobile phones are changing. < p > with the birth of the Apple iPhone, especially sellers iPhone4, domestic smart phones have embarked on the road to imitate apple, so in a few years ago of the domestic mobile phone appearance basically fits, between each brand products in the design did not clear distance. Millet even shouted "no design is the best design" slogan. In that era, the user does not care about the appearance of smart phones, and more focus on the phone's hardware configuration, parameter performance, system fluid was placed in the first place to use the experience. Internet mobile phone can store the manufacturing cost of the entity to be transferred to the hardware parameters, and therefore received a large number of users, but also with the development and growth. In the past, as long as there is a high performance processor, large memory, large battery, large pixel camera, related products can get enough attention on the network, do not worry about selling.

but with the continuous improvement of the smart phone hardware, from the beginning of 2015 flagship smartphone and ordinary thousands of mobile phones in the system fluency is not much difference between the. Unless it is running a large 3D game, the top of the Qualcomm chip and cheap chips in the daily use of the chip almost feel different, Android smartphone Caton's problem is completely resolved. As a result, the focus of mobile phone users from the performance of the mobile phone is gradually transferred to the design, product technology and features.

listed in March, R9 OPPO, for example, this phone is used in the P10 processor, from the performance point of view and far from the millet 5. But according to market statistics, R9 OPPO sales reached 2 million units a month, 5 of the monthly sales of only 700 thousand units.

so appear so obvious differences, one is because of millet 5 use the Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor is subject to the upstream supply chain. Because Qualcomm 820 processor to supply Samsung, SONY, HTC and many other brands, even if it is a big customer, and ultimately to be able to be assigned to the. Millet 5 until last week to open buying on the spot, and just after castration of the standard edition, the reason is and 820 Qualcomm snapdragon processor supplies do not have a lot of.

followed by R9 and OPPO compared to millet 5 in the appearance of the value also has a larger gap. Although the two mobile phone also uses a positive press type fingerprint recognition, but Millet's front panel using the ID no border design, white version of the screen in the case of a bright screen with a very clear black edge. And oppo R9 can control the width of the black screen frame, although you can still see the dark side, but the width is only 0.2 mm, looks pleasing to the eye. Although the performance of R9 OPPO is not as good as millet 5, but most of the application and the game experience is the same, the general user will not deliberately use a mobile phone to play a large game.

furthermore, R9 OPPO main line down the channel, want to buy this phone users only need to go near the OPPO phone store can be on the spot trial, I think a long time to be able to purchase a single. Although the layout of the millet millet online and offline experience stores, but the number of stores is far from OPPO. And even if the user can experience the millet home products, due to the problem of production capacity can not be purchased on the spot at the store on the phone.

is whether it is in the trial of the product experience or purchasing link, millet 5 defeat to oppo R9, a huge gap between two mobile phone sales has become inevitable. < p > to see millet rival Huawei, by virtue of the released late last year, Huawei mate 8, and just listing of Huawei P9, Huawei successfully recaptured the position of market leader, and the prospect is professionals at home and abroad and prospects. HUAWEI Mate 8 main screen business functions, with a good reputation last year, Mate 7 accumulation, coupled with further enhance the production capacity, by the market is also in the sense of holding. HUAWEI P9 although just listed, but with Leica's dual camera as a selling point, the success of a large number of mobile phone camera enthusiasts attention. Plus HUAWEI has always been willing to cost in terms of marketing, not only invited the black widow Scarlett Johansson and super super Henry Carvell as the spokesperson of the P9, but also signed a football superstar Messi. And invited celebrity spokesperson is the most traditional offline marketing tools. < p >, on the other hand, Huawei as a veteran of the communications industry giants, and the three operators have maintained good relations of cooperation, almost all operators of the business department store can find the figure of Huawei's mobile phone, it is because that the perfect promotion and offline channel system, let Huawei cell phone sales remain at the forefront of the domestic mobile phone, in the global scope is second only to apple and Samsung.

not only that, HUAWEI's brand glory also began to focus on the line under the market. Glory just released V8 sale network in less than a week after, on May 21, opened the line first pin, first online sale the glory of the V8's store in Chengdu immediately gained the high popularity, came to trial and the glory of the V8 people flocked to buy.

despite due to channel cost factors, glory V8 in store price on the Internet are more expensive than, but this sales model also gives the user a choice: intended as soon as possible with mobile phone can choose line increase the purchase, and are willing to spend the time the user can participate in online panic buying price.

is another Internet brand in a timely manner to select the transition. And Huawei glory, Nubia was originally sub brand of ZTE to counter the millet and the introduction of a relying on the Internet, but along with the cooling of the mobile Internet, the efforts of Ethiopia in this year also began to move. At the beginning of the Nubian Suning announced its acceptance of huge investment, to carry out a comprehensive layout of the line channels. Relying on the Suning Appliance in the hundreds of stores and Nubian phone can be directly displayed in front of consumers, but also eliminates the need for a large amount of construction line store costs.

meanwhile Nubian also seize the current wave of football, not only become the Suning football club's main sponsor, also signed another football superstar c Luo. From all indications, this year's mobile phone will Nubian online market have a big as.

overall, the Internet is already a big trend in the next line of smart phone brand. Although online sales of mobile phone product prices tend to the line than the more expensive, but I believe with the store once again become the main channel for people to buy a mobile phone, the price of the phone line and the line will eventually achieve a unified, past a machine is hard to find buying patterns will completely disappear. Of course, the Internet phone itself is still a cost and price advantage, after further subdivision and integration, will continue to exist for a certain period of time. />

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