Wuhan government 14 million buy back equipment sold 700 thousand cited controversy

In Wuhan the government crane equipment

jinghuashibao· 2016-05-23 15:39:57

recently, Wuchang District, Wuhan city in the process of illegal dock in an auction triggered controversy by the local government 14 million buy back the equipment in the auction only shot 700 thousand, which reached 19 times the difference. In this regard, the local government responded that 14 million yuan is only to assess the price, the specific funding should wait for the audit department to determine. < p > it is understood, March 24 this year, according to the spirit of the national, provincial and municipal documents, Wuhan municipal government started along the Yangtze River port shoreline resources and environment comprehensive rectification work. Wuchang District of Wuhan City in the renovation work of 13 illegal dock, nine sand field, four muck field were all banned and cleaning. There are nine private illegal sand field their barges due to migration, after the Wuchang District government and the sand field boss consultation, by the district government investment 14 million yuan to buy spent 19 ships barges and seven floating crane. < p > Wuchang District government office responsible person, the district government considered these barges can not move, can not be used, but also hiring guards and decided to auction. On June 5, commissioned by the Wuchang District government, Hubei into de Auction Co., Ltd. held the Wuchang Yu Jia tou sand field waste barges and other old equipment auction, this batch of barges and equipment Qipai price is 67 million yuan, after two rounds of bidding, finally Wuhan Lengsheng Xin Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. to 70 million yuan price competitive bid. Wuhan Xin Wu Lengsheng electromechanical Co. company responsible Liu Xianming said, for this batch of barges and equipment recycling. < p > Wuchang District government spent 14 million yuan at high prices to buy back and the lighter the equipment only shot out of the 70 million yuan, the price as high as 19 times. The results are controversial. People questioned that, 14 million yuan is the taxpayers money, why starting price so low? How to make the repurchase price, the starting price? Before and after the auction funds seriously unequal, large sums of money through a into a, of more than 1300 yuan disappeared, there is insider trading? Not calculate the loss of assets, whether or not to ask the responsibility? < p > in this regard, Wuchang District Government Office Deputy Director Liu Q B on the evening of 21 in an interview, said the repurchase price of 14 million yuan is the company according to the pontoon depreciation, given the evaluation that is not according to the procedure after the audit department, the so-called more than 1300 million difference is not real. In addition, the auction will follow the principle of openness, the starting price is 890 yuan a ton, according to the market price making, no wrong.

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