The Yellow River is a pair of men and women to work: hold each foot tied together

Men and women the Yellow River India tower crane

fazhiwanbao· 2016-05-23 15:40:41

< p > yesterday, near the eastern outskirts of Jinan Yellow River Bridge occurred with the tragedy, two workers near the river swimming results with missing. The police in the rescue process found more strange drowning.

insiders, two workers are missing near the site of the crane driver, have been working here for some time. When to work yesterday morning, two people and the workers were still talking and laughing, a lunch time is far apart from each other. It is understood that two people are in the south, the age of twenty.

after the incident, the two units belonging to the unit immediately launched a search, but still not find the slightest. Until around 7:00 in the morning, rescuers have found! < rescue personnel in the not far from the river accidentally discovered another two bodies. However, the body posture is a bit strange: < two bodies, a male a female, held each other, two feet tied together, cell phone, wallet and other personal items carry on the body. Forensic after the two bodies were identified, two police left the scene of the guards. At this time, where the female deceased relatives to the scene. < p > relatives of the deceased: "that woman is my aunt, my aunt is 45 years old this year. I just her cell phone photos sent to my uncle the, my uncle said should be her cell phone. Specific in the end is not yet to be further confirmed. "

reporter:" and her male body, and her what relationship? "

deceased relatives:" he is a colleague of my aunt. "Shortly after

, two relatives of the deceased were rushed to the scene to confirm the body. Sad more than one doubts, two people have a pair of legs together, murder or suicide? Police scene further examination of a dead body, initially ruled out the possibility of homicide.

these two drowning accidents, although no contact, but still have to remind you, the Yellow River water is not good, let you have a good water can no longer match the enemy, but under water, do not go to the Yellow River swimming.

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