# daily conversation # elected members of the Martino Cup squad what evaluation?

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Evaluation of what is

# daily topics # you to Martino elected Copa America squad?

Argentina lineup is abundance of capable people, three lines are talented people, missing any genius will make fans regret unceasingly, but the national team list a total of only 23 places. The coach is really a difficult choice. As a fan, what is your assessment of Martino's list of national teams? Remember, civilized speech ah!

PS: America's cup to city o fan together watching ball ball talk it, O come fans will find o City fans! A fan snare around the country a fan, a fan to help find the organization, let us together about America's cup! Interested in the local registration o fans watching the ball the organizers of the event, please push message in a US, fans will go to any lengths to help you find the organization, Argentina cheer!

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Argentina football news, hot topics! Day blue white, blue white for life! The world is a mystery! Vamos  Argentina!

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