A week review: God millet bursts of 5 pieces of new products

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ZAKERkejipindao· 2016-05-23 17:12:40

everyone is good, this week's "week of God review" and came back. Let us look at what the brain hole wide open the God comments this week's science and technology circles are!

1. Google I / O 2016

however, may because of the country's mad cool pull the Conference and also zaker users of Google's conference said" not suited ":

Xiaobian comments: due to reasons known to all, Google products always is can only far view cannot be disrespectful plays. In addition, I do not know how many Android oil with the new system?

2. Robin Li released an internal letter: if you lose user support, Baidu is only 30 days away from bankruptcy

read Google news, naturally have to mention Baidu. Since last week Robin Li released 30 days of bankruptcy, the internal letter, the small series found a very interesting phenomenon, as long as it is Google news, the following will be brought to Baidu.

Xiaobian comments: count there are a couple of days?

3.5 month 20 days, WeChat can send 520 yuan big red!

on May 20, 0:00 - 23:59 points during, Tencent announced ordinary 1 on 1 single red the highest amount of adjustment for 520 yuan. Tencent's move not only make the majority of single dog by tons of damage, even has been off the single zaker netizen said:

@ Wang Junrui: also let people live, originally hair 52.0 can fix things, this time to 520 the!

@ Guangdong Shenzhen user *3600: that men how to live & hellip; & hellip; < / P > < p > < br also has a witty zaker netizens think that pit dad the amount of withdrawals.

@ wildest: Tencent, you are deliberately so that we run out early 1000 free amount of withdrawals, good in the future change the micro channel provided the current fees?, right!!! Samsara

@: don't raise the quota to 5201314 next time.

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