Treasury: will issue 3 billion yuan of treasury bonds in London

RMB national debt London currency

fenghuangcaijing· 2016-05-23 17:35:31

Phoenix Financial News May 23rd, the Ministry of Finance News Office issued a message, the Ministry of finance will issue 3 billion yuan bonds in london.

Ministry of Finance issued: "approved by the State Council, the Ministry of Finance in London recently issued 3 billion yuan of treasury bonds, and listed on the London Stock exchange. Bank of China (UK) Limited and the United Kingdom HSBC Co., Ltd. as the issue of the global coordinator. "

Ministry of finance has issued RMB bonds in the Hongkong area every year since 2009. At present, the Hongkong area is the only area in which the Ministry of finance has issued offshore RMB bonds. Central bank in October last year, the central bank issued 5 billion yuan of central bank bills, the purchase price of more than 30 billion yuan, priced at 3.1%.

previously Standard Chartered Bank economist Yan Jin said that China issued RMB bonds. Its purpose is to raise funds, it is better to open up an offshore RMB bond market. China hopes to promote the yuan as an international currency, not only as a means of payment, but also as an investment currency, so that the Chinese government departments and enterprises to successfully raise funds abroad.

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