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tuwanwang· 2016-05-23 17:45:16

welcome to the 6.10 edition, the season in the season after the first update. And as usual, this time we are aiming to sort out the layout for the last time.

#p# hero changes #e#

welcome to the 6.10 version of the season in the season after the first update. And as usual, this time we are aiming to sort out the layout for the last time. 6.9 patch is a special change, we almost changed everything in the League of heroes seems to be in line with this description.

, as well as any major upgraded version of the update, the 6.10 version is mostly about the big changes in the adjustment of the imbalance. You can't break the egg will make or break a few Fried Eggs, mage. While we are waiting for the dust to settle, waiting for the rest of the game, the rest of the map edges and corners, but it is certain that some of the upgrades to get the master did not reach (or more than) our expectations. < although mage changes occupies a version 6.10 the highlight, but in the ecological system of some other mechanism (blood blade, the marine Yalong) adjustment in the highest priority. To toss them aside, the 6.10 version of this change is very narrow, because we are continuing to assess how our players are adapting to the changes in our season. There are a lot of things waiting for them to discover and try, so let's wait for the players to continue to open their brains. Obviously, many game player has successfully developed [the] guerrilla saber blade under Lukegemo enchant blood play. If it is not enough to let you try it, what can let you drive? < we will also in this update later joined the matching system repair, such as queuing time, and let more games in the ladder to the top. We'll let you know when the changes are ripe, so keep your focus on it.

above is the entire content of this update, please check the remaining changes to know what the hero / props to get the change, we call the canyon to see, look forward to your new research results. This achievement to the level 5 Sinjid game player shouted: the ghost [] when we treat it is strengthening.

good luck to you. < p > hero

rock sparrow Tali Wu

Tauren Chieftain Alistar

R hurt the reduced.

Ali Star in the occupation stage, keep people first and cross the line. We don't want to make any changes, but if he's too reliable, he'll stop the rest of the heroes. We are always happy to see that Ali Star is at the risk of a long distance line to block the conflict, but for now, he is very comprehensive. We cut the Alistar early in the game bear defense tower damage (and all damage), so that his opponent will be through the window of his advantage to some, but not ignorant of the escape.

R strong willed < damage reduction: full level of 70% 50/60/70%

play to comment on weaken, Alistar assisted in pre more towers and offensive need to weigh their blood the.

cryophoenix anivia

R effect radius and cast range increased. Consumption reduction.

speaking of the season in the season to update many of the master hero, the first is Avi Nia. Although the 6.9 version of the ice crystal Phoenix made by the control of the change is full of confidence, but in general, she has become so little do not fly. As a heavily dependent on ice storm] [heroes, we will let evenia easier to use her signature of regional control ability.

R glacial storm < per second consumption: Mana 40/50/60 value 30/45/60 mana values < application range: 685 750

initial radius: 150 200

use [in Ya an hourglass] no longer interrupt [glacial storm] < high play comments: greatly, mana cost reduced, the casting distance increases. Late backhand against surface process of face stronger, Phoenix around the play group, standing at the foot of the open r Central Asia can be directly reached its maximum damage, and improve the playability.

Star Dragon King Orilyn Sol

W cooling up casting. R damage reduction.

although we once change let him fall from heaven, but Ora Liam Saul is still the op hero. Hey, when you're a great line hero, you have a good walk and a team battle, you have to give something. For this update, we focus on the Dragon fighting reliability. Because Aorui Liam sol [star dome soaring] excellent flexibility, he can adapt to any war and forcing the opponent to follow the rhythm of his. So we return some of the Dragon King to fight back, whether Aorui Lian Saul is able to prevent his attack was interrupted. At the same time, we also absorbed him a part of the original damage output, as a result, cast Star Dragon King should no longer so powerful (but not great).

W star dome soaring < cooling time: < damage fall to the second 6/5/4/3/2 seconds 6/5.5/5/4.5/4

R star chord: 200/300/400 150/250/350

high play comment: greatly weakened, R reduces damage and lead to the outbreak of the lower, Dragon King outbreak is not high, is to output. W of cooling increased, resulted in not forming early blue gear and retractable freely open w rivals kite. The latter may be out of some CD reduction equipment.

magic snakes embrace Cassiopeia

Q and W cast range increased. W cooling down.

Cassiopeia is season season changes larger mage hero one, but she displacement control of the advantages that have been released too weak property covered up. Poison ability to short range seems to be the culprit, as is known to all snake is highly dependent upon confinement [blast poison explosion] (or [toxic mist]) as the burst damage of switch. Add some additional general properties for her poison, such Cassio Pei ya need not be scraped too deep can open the kite the flow of play.

Q blast poisoning, explosion < cast range: 750 850

[blast poison explosion] movement speed bonus last much longer recession < "poisoning" effect of the particle size of large

W poisonous fog < cooldown: seconds 22/20/18/16/14 seconds 18/17/16/15/14 < /p>

minimum distance, maximum distance of 550 500

: 800 900

no longer hit terrain stop < high play comment: enhanced, longer and were more likely to consume the opponent, the line capacity is stronger.

doom Fred

E doesn't reduce the number of jumping. More like a scarecrow.

has been in a state of transparency throughout the season, and Feder Tick has returned from the last terrible update and started to revenge. A version of this not what complex -- we will continue to pay attention to fees De Barcelonnette for four weeks notice of doom, but [dark wind] clear lines and singled out potential is a bit too high. So we a nerf.

if 5 seconds are not mobile, Fred doesn't become a scarecrow.

E dark wind < p > bounce times: 7 6

play comment: e skills is a small weakened slightly decreases the ideal state (2 goals play each other) to the main target damage

tidal sea Ling Fitz

R conjure up a giant shark can no longer be purification.

due to [quicksilver sash] removes only control can change, a nasty bug appeared - anything to purify the deceleration of the skills (such as Galen [q a fatal blow) will completely Fitz shark with the goal of separating. Rather than let the change back to the original, we might as well make it [and] the quicksilver sash debuff consistent interaction. After the reduction effect will make you return to full speed, but will not be separated from the sharks. Like the [quicksilver sash] and other high-profile skills interaction that (such as rob [r no esoteric! Instantaneous prison shadow kill array] and Fiona [R unique challenges]), we will pay close attention to these changes will affect how the fizz. Slow

R giant shark strike

[strike] jusha purification after separation and target no longer let shark. < p > high play comment: enhance and ensure that hit R be cleansed lifted the slowdown will still hit fly and have hurt priests

a.simplex Russian Roy

W cooling time down.

with [change] soul trials, Russian Lloyd found her performance in this version a bit unbalanced. From the traditional sense that she passed from powerful on stage to the line transfer to battle group of powerful, but Russian Roy new shell mechanism is completely reversed the the dynamic. Now, the Russian Lloyd in the late game shell trick is influential, but its role in the early stages of the game was greatly reduced. We are glad to see the [trial] the soul of new direction (it is a Russian Roy provides the exact value, also has not been punished her enemies), so our early on marine mammal priest of potential line provides some help.

W harsh reprimand < cooling time: second 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 4 seconds < high play comment: enhanced, can consider vice e add the. Now W cooling time is fixed, such as deputy W that each level only increased by 20 points of damage, the income is not high.

runaway Lolita gold wire twister

rocket launchers in the "fish bone" level 1 in the firing rate faster, but by attack speed bonus to the effect of reduced.

we once for guns Symphony] [changes in distinguish gold wire twister weapon, allows players to know in what circumstances her what weapons useful. "Bang bang" light machine gun is suitable for short distance high damage output, "fish bone" rocket launcher is applicable to poke and dealing damage, but the premise is the need to sacrifice some of the damage of the ready time. We are very happy to see such evolution, it has retained an unexpected target: jinx level 1 rocket launcher sucks. In view of our before the change is how to make rocket launcher is made after, we improve the jinx trust "fish bone" feelings and fluency, to keep it very destructive force online overlord demand.

Q guns Symphony < "fish bone" base attack speed: 0.531 0.625

"fish bone" attack speed penalty: reduce attack speed by 15% addition reduce attack speed by 25% addition < high play comment: pre processed forms of attack rate enhancement, post attack speed molding equipment, revenue weaken the passive cooling time in

void prophet Marr Zaha

increase. Although

our hot repair seems to have solved the Marr Zaha many strong performance (such as grade 3 when challenged the Dragon), he still in king master version 6.9 pivotal. [passive void through] Mar Zaha one of the important let him across the road to hammer to kill a priority target, but the skills in the cooling time of the line is too flexible that most opponents attack becomes meaningless. As a result, we open up the opponent will be Mar Zaha from the void in the back, and let him return to the base of the window (especially in the early game). < p > passive - void through < p > cooldown: 23-6 seconds (to 1-18) 30/18/10/6 seconds (at the level of 1/6/11/16) < cooling indicator will now in the buff bar display < high play comment: slightly weakened early passive refresh rate, to make it easier to fight.

very easy

W Kensai income coefficient increase. E damage increased.

whenever easily into the patch list is like is the disaster happened, but now we have found Juggernaut is far behind in the heroic curve. In particular, the change of the blade of the ghost and the removal of the devour make it extremely confused, how can he put it in the middle of the season. With devour magic damage to leave (and caused by blood blade is entirely physical damage), armor become than ever are suitable to protect you from easy to damage. Plus new enchant some changes, return to the true damage will be able to help him when to cut back cut moving front.

W meditation < return: 0.15x spell strength per second 0.25x spell power per second

E no very Kendo < additional real damage: 12/19/26/33/40 14/23/32/41/50

high play comment: interim vice e fill began to enhance, higher output, w AP plus into effect is very small.

eternal nightmare magic Teng

passive now has a magic bonus.

we know what you're thinking, but please let us explain. Many of the things in the game are incidentally with spell power attribute ([ghost Suo of Berserker blade], Nash Baron gain effect), but also to the few cannot use its hero sad. Give the magic Teng proper law strong revenue should be able to make him feel better. < p > passive edge of shadow < [new] now every shot will have 0.15x spell power addition

dragon Wu Ji Silvana

W now has spell power.

is very similar to the description text of the magic teng. Replace the hero with Silvana when you re read the changes.

W fire prairie fire < [new]: now per second by 0.1X spell power addition < [new]: now the additional damage will 0.025x spell power bonus < high play comment: Dragon and nightmare except [ghost Suo of blade fury] basic not AP equipment, strengthen the perhaps to get the Dragon buff is useful, overall impact is very small.


each counselor Swein life value increased. R treatment effect to strengthen.

before we talk about Swein, please the description as a public service announcement: [pain] in version 6.9 brought to weaken the direct 20% damage, so you should not give priority to upgrading the skills. The

statement on the side, let's talk about swein. Simply said, with success in the early game does not bring enough reward, but is often neglected or with game and fade out of sight. We are through strengthening good things to change this, in front of the damage, has become a strong sucking anotal, especially to fight those tanks hero, piles of team. At present, the therapeutic effect of Swein will he caused by the injury, which means the enemy's magic resistance higher based on, vampire less and less. This also means that those Swein to online hunt heavy tanks were soon from prey into hunters, reduce Swein produced by equipment damage and endurance. So we had a little change, Jens Vine's treatment of the tank hero is high enough (while improving the durability of his own) to let him literally can not be hit to kill fantasy come true. The

value of life growth of property: 78 90

Q evil crow struck

will now directly beheaded below 10 hp point soldier

repair a BUG, the BUG has led to the crystal like [relai] and Landry [Scepter torture] spell effects can trigger the curative effect of


on the raven of the hero correct: 75% damage caused by 30/45/60 (+0.1x Spellpower)

of minions and monsters of the treatment: 15% damage caused by 8/11/13 (+0.03x Spellpower)

now will give priority to the closest markers Swein goal, instead of randomly selected (will still play

high priority flag hero) comments a stronger foundation for growth: enhanced, life and the treatment effect of R more fatin.

Valoran shield Tariq

R more bright.

despite the cosmic glow of some heroes will make him shine like Tariq, but this skill in the group is still some hard to find. This skill is very important, it will tell you whether the target will be hurt, so we added some light effect for this skill, after all, this is the most important moment of Tariq. The universe

R Hui < p > when target because the effect of cosmic Hui] is invincible, the increased one more light particle effects

barbarians of the king tryndamere

R will keep you in a higher blood line. No longer reply to 3% life values.

tryndamere is a written explanation of the mechanism, will let you in the treatment, the strokes after more than 1 life value (most of the players did not concern, because they are usually at the end of the ultimate treatment). We just had a clean up and allow the mechanism appears in the text illustration, because tryndamere 3% of the maximum life almost always about 30-70 life.

R endless rage < minimum life value: 1 30/50/70

removed when [anger] endless end and tryndamere no longer get 3% maximum life value treatment (if his life is smaller than the value of the) < high play comments: enhanced, especially after the end of the previous r against fire or more strong tower kill carry your final answer with Q blood may not die.

void eye of the

passive and R gain coefficient increased.

Zwick, the update is that by giving him valuable spell gains in strength to help him to solve the capacity curves (as well as the goal of research is cast spicy laser) early top but continue to decline ". After a careful study of the release, it was clear that we didn't get too much strengthened, so we improved his skills. < p > passive organism deconstruction < income coefficient: life form of 0.4x spell power of 0.5 x - Spellpower

R disintegration ray < income coefficient: 1.0 x spell power of 1.25 X - Spellpower < high play comment: passive and R AP bonus increased, late equipment more revenue, outbreak, more high, damage now is already very high, after higher:) harvest of

scarlet red who Eph Lamy Kiel

R hero on the treatment effect increased. The induction effect of Q decreased.

our resident blood mage, Fra Miguel in the 6.9 version of the performance is only partially consistent with expectations. This means that the loss of a large number of life values, but not entirely to return. A reasonable cast of the blood of the blood represents the second spring that it will bring to you, but this skill has not yet become a lifeline for Fra Miguel to use. We callback the skills of risk / income ratio and general improvement, to help Alex Lamy Kiel delay he was internationally known as the bold low life value adventure gameplay. < p > conversion of blood

Q [blood rush of particle effects will now be delayed until [blood conversion] cooling after blood

E tidal < [blood tide] no longer in advance to cancel the [blood red pool

R blood plague < hero on the treatment effect: caused by 50% of the damage 150 / 250 / 350 + 0.7x spell power, and in addition to the first hit the hero every additional hero 50%

play comment: enhanced, r the treatment effect is doubled and R gains more.

of thorns Xing Jie pull

passively generated seed can be trampled. During the period of

Jie pull season ushered in a good start, make her comfortable bloom for plant power station. We will not make any great change -- just let thorns garden] [reduce punishments for those who strayed into the garden caused.


in the generation of passive garden thorns after 1.5 seconds can be generated after 1 can be stampede stampede ([W] wild growth seeds are still keep 1.5 seconds of immunity)

#p# original #e#

original painting update update

Cui Si Tana's skin painting won the update:

Jodl pirates Tana

guerrillas Cui silk Tana

pink Lolita Cui silk Tana

rocket Daren Choi silk Tana

#p# equipment and other #e#

call division Canyon creeps refresh timer

scarlet mark Shu Guai & pale blue carved the magic like in a small map of the refresh icon becomes small.

scarlet mark Shu Guai & pale blue glyph magic like gain effect size of icons on the mini map is in a mess, but also gave the let around their competition as competition for the epic creeps in that important illusion. It is a good way to keep the two gain effects icons in size. It also allows the player to see the other information on the map, for example, the guard or the trap. < p > narrowed the scarlet mark Shu Guai & Cang blue glyph magic like in a small map of the refresh of icon size

the first wave of soldier

at the beginning of the game allows the player to make different decisions on the line. We in several versions by small amplitude soldier fine-tuning to continue to polish the consistency, but under the stochastic lose a remote soldier occasionally cause changes on dynamic line. Clear this accident should be able to give players more clarity on the line phase of expectations. < p > the first wave Born soldier are no longer locked enemy a random remote soldier for target

mountains Yalong

no longer increase in real harm.

true damage provides a very clear feedback: what is seen is the resulting damage, no increase or decrease. Mountain Yalong in violation of this expectation (especially in the surrounding the discipline of combat), so we by adjusting the let it consistent with the game.

mountains Yalong mark

no longer increase true damage (including disciplinary damage)

marine Yalong

now only after separating from the battle of anti hero and defensive towers in reply life and mana, < p > reply owners usually do not pay attention to this property, but marine Yalong gain effect strong and clear, enough to let the players are aware of its existence. But in before beheaded usher in a lucky reply, usually for the game to increase the complexity, will also allow players to doubt the damage they cause is effective. Let this reply effect only in off the postwar force will allow the enemy to make more counter that not so they feel like and will continue to respond to the rising tide of struggle.

[update] Marine Yalong mark

if are not heroes and turret damage in 8 seconds, you will every 5 seconds reply value has been lost by 4 / 8 / 12% of life and mana values


anti steal tower mechanism after the entry into force, tower defense now will be less true damage. < p > tower defense will always have many means of defense to contain the original steal tower attempt, but with the game being added to the true damage popular (mountain Yalong, crimson mark tree blame gain effect), we this adjustment to keep it consistent.

when the anti steal tower mechanism is in effect, now the defense tower will absorb additional 66% real damage.



blood edge equipment and additional damage increased attack speed.

new blood blade allows like Silvana and ease of this playing field heroes in the early battles with other heroes have a comfortable interaction without the need for compulsory soldiers development. That is, thanks to the relatively weak blood edge of the combat advantage, they do not enjoy the results of the interaction. Does not need to be forced to development, dependent attack speed of the playing field hero have reason with the enemy to play wild hero singled out, gank or repeal is their advantage in the early and middle -- they just need to have a reason to believe they can win the duel. So our solution is to improve its fighting capacity. < p > attack speed: 40% 50%

additional damage: target of 3% maximum life value target of 4% of maximum health value < high play comment: the larger enhanced ability to fight before the mid late of crispy threat.

summon skills


cooldown reduced.

now, the barrier is not really with the treatment of the distinction between the characteristics, so in contrast with the [treatment] at a disadvantage. Lower barrier of cooling time should be able to bring its unique identification degree, to make it as against the assassin hero standard summoner. < p > cooldown: 210 seconds 180 seconds < p > high play comment: Part road AP can consider replacement therapy with barrier, the road double or therapy.


cooldown. Rate of movement by the level of addition.

with removing distortions, [ghost] has lost its pride for profitability. [ghost] always relatively better [flash] and enhance it and not let it become the necessary skills, and we do is let it in the late game such as strong as ever. < cooldown: 210 180

moving speed of the addition: level of all 27% 28 45% (to 1-18) < high play comment: greatly enhanced, especially the latter, achieve the effect of previous enchant distortion shoes. Cooling reduced, making use sprint for opposite flash game revenue higher, more easy to use flash, not good, sprint well under kill.

BUG repair

repair a false information, the information will enter the game hall, the final BOSS trigger

[veigar] [Q] dark skin in sacrifice to kill the target after they no longer cause invisible

repair of Cassiopeia [W] to the toxic fog bound debuff the interaction of

Verus [Q] to puncture arrows no longer sometimes have magic shield damage targets

Anne [R] the wrath of Perth in Perth no longer cooling time survived more than the skill after cooling

is reset to the full [frozen heart] halo effect will no longer affect Mar Zaha the [

] through passive void fixes a BUG with the BUG led to Ali [W] in her flash and branching FOXFIRE used at the same time will release less than Three

when the Giggs beam FOXFIRE [W] activate fixed blasting and in the use of skills, his [passive] - triggered at any moment will now properly reduce the cooling time of

- Fixed a BUG, the BUG has led to Jie pull [Q] will make mistakes deadly thorns seeds grow into thorns jet

- Fixed a BUG, the BUG had a direct result of armor reduction effect (such as [E], the flame soul) with attributes of growth creeps, will exceed the expected reduction of

in wild strange armor expired wrath of Stella effect, Stella [g] challenge hand savior soul edge no longer reset to full cooling

- Fixed a BUG, the BUG has led to Zinuote [portal] the nether beast will ignore soldier

with [veigar] skin curling player game player. It defines a complex skin pattern

the upcoming

skin below the skin will debut in the 6.10 version:

the Milky Way cybuster fize

the Milky Way cybuster 1000

the Milky Way cybuster Xiwana

#p# a class= #e#

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