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with before a few days drops announced won Apple $1 billion in investment and cook to China again, the CEO of Apple company has eight times in China. As the saying goes, nothing does not ascend the three Treasure Palace, since 2012 has four eight years time cook came to China not to climb the Great Wall, look at the scenery, by recently in China by the warm strength. < strong > we broadly review the eight times cook what they did.


in fact, as early as April drops before getting a investment Apple released, China iTunes  store was closed, followed by rumors of a cook in China just began to appear on the network. After less than a month, Cook and drops President Liu Qing appeared in Beijing Wangfujing Apple retail stores, but also take a taxi drops.

cook's visit is seen as is to the Chinese market and a goodwill gestures. First, China as Apple's second-largest market, the decline in other market still maintained a growth, and Apple's latest earnings report showed apple this year in the Chinese market, especially a huge decline in the iPhone sales, it seems iPhone  se no can cause domestic consumers. second, Apple's iTunes  in April; Store's closure may also have added a reason for Cook's coming to china. Third, the cook's visit also to China app developers expressed support and affirmation, he said Chinese developers have in App  store to create $70 billion in revenue and supported numerous entrepreneurial team, and drops travel is App  store the outstanding application of.


last year the Double Ninth Festival, Cook made a newspaper photo of the Great Wall in the micro-blog. Is the seventh time he came to China。 According to reports, Cook announced the purpose of China's two new energy projects, will be in China to build more than 200 megawatts of solar energy projects, so that the production activities of the Apple Corp to clean energy.

in addition, the cook also not forget just released iPad  Pro propaganda to. He found the famous calligrapher Wang Dongling wells, and iPad  Pro brush pen to write a two word "goodbye".


Cook's visit purpose is very clear, in order to promote the environmental protection project in Chinese apple to . It also includes cooperation with the world natural foundation to enhance the management of forest resources in china. Of course, at the beginning of 2016, we have also seen the results, the current production of apple in many countries to use the clean energy.

the cook came to China also visited the Beijing home use iPad teaching school, in the multimedia classroom to attend the section use the iPad to digital teaching course.


the apple into " backdoor" rumors, vice premier of the State Council Ma Kay met with Cook at the Zhongnanhai, to strengthen cooperation in information communication field and the protection of information security are discussed. The trip comes as new iPhone on sale in the country, the visit may play a role in boosting sales. This trip Cook also visited the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou.



2014 at the beginning of this time in China is the most clear purpose A visit the apple and China Mobile's cooperation reached, cook with China Mobile chairman Xi Guohua, MIIT minister Miao Wei meeting. The next day, the China Mobile 4G version of iPhone  5s/5c in Chinese officially on sale.


Cook visited China many times for the iPhone offering

with the above mentioned fourth times the purpose of China is similar to that of the Library Grams of China mainly ran three major domestic operators, first stop visiting China Mobile, followed by China Unicom and telecom. At this point iPhone in the domestic sales have declined, so the visit to China or also related to boost sales.



Second, 3, 4 visits to Huakuke is roughly the same, is to with the three major domestic carriers To achieve cooperation, the introduction of the national bank version of iPhone, you can see the fourth visit to China Apple has finally completed a formal cooperation with China Mobile.

  for the first time; March 2012

Cook's first visit to China by the Li Keqiang met

Cook's first visit to China by Vice Premier Li Keqiang Personally met, also proved the importance of the guests. This is cook as CEO of Apple's first visit to China, likewise, he visited the apple retail shops in Beijing joy, and took photos with the powder.

Cooke summed up the eight of his visit to China trip, initially mainly completed the cooperation with the three major domestic carriers, and to promote the sale of Chinese version of the iPhone. After a few times to visit China in addition to boost sales increase the brand communication, mainly concentrated in the energy field of environmental protection, try to use clean energy production of Apple products, and two recent visit reflect morale encouraged developers to cook, to oblige the Chinese market. />

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