Are you ready to buy a graphics card? 4K is now the most suitable for the five games

4K graphics card software resolution

weifengwang· 2016-05-23 22:42:37

although many people still adhere to the 1080p camp, but can not deny that the 4K era will come. Although the TV side to wait for the 4K ecological roll out there for some time, but PC games to achieve 4K but already there is no problem. With the release of GeForce GTX Nvidia 1080, its super performance so that a single card smooth 4K game has become possible. Believe that many players have been eager to prepare into the wave of GTX 1080 the, that will be the first to see currently on the market what is the most worthy of first 4K experience of the game:

wizard 3 mad hunt

in a host of players are still entangled in the wizard 3 "on a patch is not to make worse when optimization, fanatical PC gamers had begun their 4K trip. < p > the wizard 3: mad hunt for "can be said is currently one of the most beautiful game, pretty incredible scenery with 4K level granularity is simply is pleasing to the eye. Whether it is snow or grass, 4K under the "Wizard 3" can give you the ultimate enjoyment.

call of Duty: Senior war

although quality of the game is really not too high, but "the dying of the light" wins in detail screen shape well. This game is a world full of details, from all over the blood of weapons to NPC's facial expression, of course, there are everywhere running zombies. In contrast to the resolution of the 4K, you will feel that the world has never been so threatened by growing crises.

Star Wars: Frontier

"content_img_p" watching football game of course, the big screen is cool, playing football games is the same? That is necessary! PC on the football of what is actually happening 2016 "quality performance is simply a mess and mod are not saved back, that we're left the FIFA 16".

although "FIFA 16" in the overall picture quality performance certainly compared to the previous few monsters, but has been considered to be very good, and 4K under it will only be better. In you in a virtual playground ride when waiting for dad asked: "what is this game? "Bar.

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