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Props games model

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"power game" fire all over the world, now in the sixth season, by people's favorite, derived from the TV series of peripheral products, character models, play props, and so on. Before the need to plant a large number of production in order to buy, and now there are 3D printer players can be printed at any time, we listed the "right to the game" as the theme of the 3D printing. From props to costumes, all the things in the TV series you can print out through the 3D printer.

< span style = "font size: 14px; color RGB (102, 102, 102);" >1.3D printing house of the marker

you is whether a particular want to have the family sign? Direwolves mark in the house is very special, this is characteristic of the family. If you like the Tango Liam family of dragon marks, you can also print by 3D, the paper is designed to double squeeze, or can be used to double color through a single extrusion. "The game of rights" in the family of countless, you can find the 3D print file through its mark.

2.3D printed map

all the right game "silk powder all know, in play different areas have different plot of the story, and between the virtual continents Essos and of Westeros. The first part of the play is made up of 3D's map of the world, where we can see the main location of each story, such as the winter city, black castle, etc.. The model successfully printed the height of 0.2mm, the size of about 80*80mm.

< span style = "font size: 14px; color RGB (102, 102, 102);" >3.3D print of Sivas chess

Siwa, chess has in the novel of "a song of ice and fire" appeared. "I designed the model contains all rules in the book" the model of manufacturer of Arian Croft explained, "the model included three infantry, three crossbowmen, three light cavalry, two heavy cavalry, two elephants, a catapult, 1 frame trebuchet, a dragon, a king. Of course, because there are two sides, you need to print two times, and you need to set different colors."

< span style = "font size: 14px; color RGB (102, 102, 102);" >4.3D print Iron Throne

"power game" most with representative sites is undoubtedly the iron throne, which symbolizes the dominion of Westeros. To print this throne, you need to print as much as possible, the details are very complex, so at least 15cm.

< span style = "font size: 14px; color RGB (102, 102, 102);" >5.3D print Bela seats Enguan

worship pulled theon is probably the right game "in the worst despised figure, but his time on the Iron Throne is quite long. Crown design inspiration baratheon is from a strong herd deer. This kind of 3D printing accessories and souvenirs also has a certain value of collection, you only need to use 3D printer to print out parts, and then stick with glue, and then sprayed with gold paint to make it look real.

< span style = "font size: 14px; color RGB (102, 102, 102);" King >6.3D print of the hands and feet

the 3D printing file is designed by Hasier Goitia. This model can install a safety pin wear. Before printing, Goitia Hasier turns down the rotating pin to show us the model. Although this model is very small, but also can be used as a very good gift.

< span style = "font size: 14px; color RGB (102, 102, 102);" >7.3D print the ice wolf

in the northern part of the Kingdom, the stark family have a direwolf. Although the direwolf of the stark family children have died or disappeared, but the wise and loyal direwolf, or by the people's favorite.

< span style = "font size: 14px; color RGB (102, 102, 102);" >8.3D printed wall decoration

into step observed in the stark family coat of arms, we will find roaring direwolf's face is the distinctive mark. Such marks are also on the wall and on the bed as a decorative pattern.

< span style = "font size: 14px; color RGB (102, 102, 102);" >9.3D print melisandre Necklace

there is no doubt, the red priestess melisandre is a mysterious character. However, when we have a deeper understanding of her, we will find that she has a lot of magic from her necklace. While we don't guarantee that you will get the same magic as her, you can print this magic necklace by 3D.

< span style = "font size: 14px; color RGB (102, 102, 102);" >10.3D print daenerys targaryen Dragon Necklace

this an excellent 3D model is released a month ago. It props necklace features based on, through & amp Yunus, Eliza's design. This necklace needs to be printed in two parts, and through a number of late processing, such as document archiving, smoothing and painting.

11.3D print of the Dragon

in the game, and almost every Dragon scenes are full of the tension and the amazing atmosphere. The Dragon model was designed by Perez Michael director, inspired by the powerful dragon. This model must be assembled, can be turned into a similar giant egg.

12.3D printing is keep the sword

the right game "construct a huge and complicated story, there have been games shelves, derived from the 3D printing model has become hot selling products, let a lot of drama fans can be used.

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